Unique Villa Design Providing Stunning Unusual Experience

Wonderful Views Of Waterfalls Restaurant In River In Philippines With Crowded Visitors Enjoying The Dining Time In The Middle Of The Forrest

Unique Villa Design Providing Stunning Unusual Experience

If you are planning to visit the exotic and tropical Philippines, this unique villa design is certainly something you cannot miss. First of all, what you need is only booking a room or two in Villa Escudero. Not only providing the comfort truly necessary in any hospitality, this unique villa will also offer you unique experience during your stay here.

There are many villas and retreats that offer the outdoor restaurant as part of its facilities. This is usually seen in any retreat that is surrounded by spectacular view. However, this modern villa design will offer you a totally different design and concept to its outdoor restaurant.

If other villas and retreats will only provide you the wonderful view to accompany you during the delightful meal time, this villa located in Quezon Province has an incredible restaurant where you can enjoy the fresh water feature from the waterfall.

No, it is not a waterfall view. It is a waterfall restaurant. Well, just take a look at this incredibly unique restaurant. The dining tables and chairs are not arranged for you to only enjoy the refreshing waterfall view. In fact, they are placed on the flowing water where the waterfall is only few meters away. As if the water feature is not refreshing enough, the lush green surrounding this waterfall restaurant truly will wrap the freshness to flow in this outdoor space. Such a unique way to increase your appetite, isn’t it?

In this waterfall restaurant, enjoying the meals is not the only thing you can do. Yes, we know that you can enjoy the delicious dishes from the buffet that is served in Philippines traditional way. Yet, you can play with the water freely right before or after your tummy’s full. Even though it is only an artificial waterfall, don’t you think that this already makes this modern villa design ideas look totally spectacular?

Terrific Ideas Of Waterfalls Restaurant In Philippines Including The Sensation Of A Dining Time In The River With A Special Philippines Culinary

Exciting Villa Escudero Including Waterfalls Restaurant With Cozy Space To Enjoy The Dining Time With Wooden Table And Long Bench In The River

Excellent Villa Escudero Including Waterfall Restaurant In The River With Wooden Table And Bench Also Place To Enjoy The River Flows

Delightful Villa Escudero Including River Restaurant With Wooden Table And Bench With Waterfall And Forrest Views In A Fresh Atmosphere

Captivating Villa Escudero Including Restaurant In The Side Of The River Including Wooden Table And Bench With Waterfall And Forrest Views

Astounding Villa Escudero At The Side Of Lake Labasin Including Traditional Houses With Straw Roof Design With Lake And Forrest Views

Astonishing Villa Escudero Resort Including Two Story House Building Construction With Straw Roof Design Located In Grass Field And Forrest Views

Appealing Villa Escudero Including Woody Chairs And Table On The Wooden Deck With Lake Labasin View At The Outside

Amusing Lakeside Labasin Architecture In Philippines With A House Building Construction Surrounded With Grass Field At The Lake Side

Amazing Escudero Waterfall Restaurant Including Dining Space Nearby Waterfall With Wooden Dining Table And Bench Also Stars Ornament On Ceiling

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