Unique Tiny Cabin With Minimalist Staircase That Maximize Space

Tidy Setting Of Storage Covering Cabin Loft In Brooklyn Wooden Divider With Frames Displaying Wall Art And Books

Unique Tiny Cabin With Minimalist Staircase That Maximize Space

There are so many examples of contemporary interior design that able to show how wide the possibility that you can get by using this type of style. The main character of modern style interior design is that it has no design character, just fell free to try anything that may be able to make your space looks better.

There are some amazing contemporary space settings that we can find out there and one of them is this Loft Cabin. This highly special loft design is located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York, and it is a guest house for anyone who wants to taste the feeling of tiny cabin design in the middle of big city like New York.

It is very clear that contemporary interior design as no boundaries of design, it just based on the creativity of the creator. This lovely contemporary loft design is just the result of that perspective. It may sound awkward, but when you see this stunning contemporary space setting, you will think it is indeed something the design breakthrough. The design that we can see in this contemporary loft design is indeed one of a kind and you will never find something like this one in other place unless you, yourself, tries to replicate it.

Just like any real cabin design, this perfect contemporary loft design is also dominated by wooden material. There are two rooms in the space of this loft. The first room is located in the ground of the loft space while the other one is built close to the ceiling, higher than the first cabin.

This gorgeous contemporary loft design is original design that you will never find in any other place out there, indeed.

Stunning Frame Installed On Wooden Divider To Display Other Side Of Cabin Loft In Brooklyn Room With White Wall

Refreshing Indoor Garden For Veggie To Maximize Cabin Loft In Brooklyn Unitary Room With Full Of Wood On Wall And Floor

Neat Setting Of Cabin Loft In Brooklyn Walk In Closet Under The Loft Involving Hanging Rack Pole And Fitting Space

Minimalist Staircase Idea Installed To Access Cabin Loft In Brooklyn Bedroom Loft Dominated By Wood Abundance

Industrial Look Of Cabin Loft In Brooklyn Interior Displaying Wooden Home Divider With Collectible Books On Floor

Gorgeous Cabin Loft In Brooklyn Loft Interior Connected With Unitary Room With Wooden Staircase As Access

Cozy Cabin Loft In Brooklyn Interior With Wood Abundance Covering The Wooden Room For Closet And Bedroom

Cool Frames Installed On The Wooden Wall To See The Appearance Of Cabin Loft In Brooklyn Built Inside The House

Comfortable Cabin Loft In Brooklyn Bedroom Loft Furnished With Cozy Mattress And Linen With Open Shelves For Storage

Awesome Cabin Loft In Brooklyn Interior Designed With Unique Loft For Sleeping With Closet Located Under It

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