Unique Pond House Design For Your Private Relaxing Place

Wonderful Terrace Of The Lord Residence With Small Infinity Pool And White Beach Chairs Near Glass Windows

Unique Pond House Design For Your Private Relaxing Place

This unique pond house is suitable for your private relaxing place. The combination of the unique design and stunning view makes this beautiful house is suitable for relax. The wooden material also brings luxurious touch for this place. Do you want to know more about this place? Read this whole article for more review about this house.

This place is very unique. It has arch design and situated in the forest. The forest environment creates natural freshness enter this pretty house. It can be the best spot for you who need quiet place to stay. This small house also has small pond as the backyard.

Imagine how fresh these pond house plans! This small pound has natural design with many green plants around the pond. The natural pond design creates amazing view from the house. You can spend your weekend in this place to enjoy the natural environment.

This house has arch design. It has one door on the each side, the first door faces to the forest and the other faces to the pond. What amazing this design! The wooden material also creates natural freshness from this house. The exterior color has the combination of black color and wooden color.

It is dominated with wooden color for the wooden wall for entire of the house. The black color as a door frame color which looks so chic and fancy. This house also has chic square windows that let the fresh air enters the house.

The small space which faces to the pond has level which can be the cozy place where you sit. You can sit in this level and enjoy the pond view. It can be the perfect spot to spend your leisure time. This house also has orange wall paint that creates fancy atmosphere. The ceiling lamps which have yellow lights also look perfect for this house. Let’s get these pond view house plans for your future relaxing place for you and your whole family!

Wide Architecture Of The Lord Residence With Wide Glass Walls And Brown Wall Under Flat Roof

Stunning Stone Pathway On The Pebble Pool Outside The Lord Residence With Brown Wall And Glass Windows

Sophisticated Night View Of The Lord Residence Terrace With Glass Walls And White Chairs Near It

Sensational Terrace Outside The Lord Residence With White Beach Benches And Brown Floor Near Reflective Glass Windows

Natural Green Panoramic View Near The Lord Residence With Brown Wall And Some Wide Glass Walls

Interesting View Of The Lord Residence Kitchen With Wooden Island And Dark Stools Under Bright Lamps

Gorgeous View Of The Lord Residence Terrace Near The Glass Walls And A Modern Kitchen Space

Fascinating Kitchen In Lord Residence With Long Island And Some Black Stools Under The Brown Ceiling

Fantastic Wooden Sofas And Wooden Ottoman In The Lord Residence Patio With An Interesting Fire Pit

Fabulous Ornaments In The Lord Residence Corridor With Brown Wall And White Ceiling Near Glass Door

Bright Lamps In The Lord Residence Entrance With Brown Wall And Unique Door Near Garage Door

Awesome Living Room In Lord Residence With Long Wooden Table And Brown Sofas On Green Carpet

Appealing Bathroom In Lord Residence With White Tub And Wooden Vanity Near The Glass Shower Space

Amazing Green Lawn Beside The Lord Residence With Brown Wall And Wide Glass Walls Under Flat Roof

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