Unique Contemporary Home Reflected Blue And White Color Schemes

Wonderful Aura Residence In White Color That Planters And Trees Surrounding And Fresh Area That Inspiring Our Decor

Unique Contemporary Home Reflected Blue And White Color Schemes

Extraordinary shape of roof is found in the unique contemporary home designs. From the above view, this house is unlike house as living space. At night, this roof of this house is reflected blue color and it has white color schemes in the daylight. The unique shape is not only on the roof of this house, unique design is also applied in the wall in the front side of this house. This house was design by Andreas Trisveis located in the island of Cyprus.

Aura interior designs are also offered exceptional design by applying artistic furniture. In the living room located in the back side, it will found uncommon sofa in the form of semi circle located in the center of the room. It is also covered by green carpet on the foot floor of the sofa. On the other part of the house, you will also find semi circle sofa with circle shape decorating the wall. Good combination colors are also presented by the gold color of wall, creamy sofa and green pillows.

You will also find unique chairs with various unique designs implemented in many room in the house such as in the dinning table, sitting room and veranda. The most unique chair is put in the dinning room. The design of the back is like half rolling paper that has function to put our neck while it is seated. This room becomes more interesting by the additional accessories of lighting above the dinning table. The shape of the light is abstract and reflecting blue light.

Artistic design of bedroom decoration ideas is also offered by this house. There is a transparent glass in the form of semi circle in the head of the blue bed to put sculpture or the other important thing in it. Near the bed there is bath up surrounded by transparent glasses. The design of the bathroom can inspire to make beautiful interior design for small living room space.

Warm View By Open Living And Dining Room In Aura Residence That Glossy Floor Add Nice The Area

Open Living Chairs In Red Black Color In Aura Residence Showing Outside View By Planters And Sea

Interesting Aura Residence In White Color Feat Glass Wall Facing Planters And Trees Which Surrounding The Building Area

Enchanting Aura Residence Design With The Modern Decor That Planters And Trees Surrounding The Building Area

Gravy Bathroom With Circle Rug Feat Gold Ottoman Under The Pendant Lamps At The Aura Residence

Fascinating Dining Room With Glass Table Furnished By Cutlery Set Feat White Chairs Decor At The Aura Residence

Fabulous Living Room Design With Cream Sofas Feat Green Pillows And Yellow Wall At The Aura Residence

Fascinating Dining Room Design With Green Chairs Facing Glass Table Under Unique Lamps Decor At Aura Residence

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