Unique Contemporary Home In Modern Cube Shape Architecture

Unique Spiral Staircase Design Inside The Brick Cell House Nearby The Kitchen And Bathroom Connect Each Room Of This House

Unique Contemporary Home In Modern Cube Shape Architecture

Cell Brick is a unique contemporary home completed by the Japanese firm Atelier Tekuto. The cube shaped home is located in Tokyo, Japan. If considered properly, Japanese contemporary home will look like extraordinary cubic houses. Display the perfect modern building with a unique style, clearly visible on the exterior and interior design of this contemporary home.

On the exterior design of the house is equipped with a small glass block windows all around the house. This makes the appearance of this house to be perfect with a stunning architectural design.

Here you will see comfortable concrete balcony on the second level of this contemporary home. There are two levels of stairs to see a funny way that serves to connect you to the next floor which is located near the entrance.

Furthermore, you can to see the home interior design and decoration style of what you can find inside this house. This house presents a minimalist interior decor with an amazing performance and outstanding in multi-story living room. There is a ceiling design booths and cubicle walls in the house that enhance the interior space to be able to give a comfortable feel.

The concept of an open floor plan for a modern interior design in this house will certainly make homeowners be loved. This house also has a contemporary kitchen equipped with modern style using long white kitchen island. The kitchen area to use as a kitchen island bar area also helps improve the performance of the decor in this room.

On the corner of the house interior is exactly in front of the kitchen are also available bathroom. The modern bathrooms are equipped with a modern design using the tub. There is a modern curving staircase that will connect you to the bedroom.

Stunning House Section Plan Of Brick Cell House With Scale And Details Information Four Levels Floor With Spiral Staircase Connect Each Floor

Striking Four Stories House Floor Plan In Brick Cell House Show The Details Of Each Floor Include First Level Until Fourth Level Floor

Small Narrow Bedroom Design Inside The Brick Cell House With Open Storage Mounted On The Wall Applied Also Red Single Bed

Modern And Minimalist Kitchen Design Inside The Brick Cell House Applied White Kitchen Table And Metal Chairs Also Street Mirror

Modern 3D Plan Of Brick Cell House Details Architecture Show The Econometric View From West Elevation Plan And Design

Marvelous Outside View Of Brick Cell House At Daylight And Evening Show Beautiful Lighting Inside That Appears From Outside

Gorgeous Kitchen Design In Brick Cell House Nearby The Staircase Use White Cabinet And Kitchen Table And Also Metal Chair

Fascinating Details Of Bathroom With Mounted Wall Sink And Other Open Storage At Brick Cell House Right Beside The Bedroom

Fascinating Brick Cell House Design Idea Right Beside The Junction Applied Unusual Design Architecture With Holes In The Wall

Fancy Open Floor Kitchen And Bedroom Inside The Brick Cell House With Tiled Flooring Decorated With Open Storage And Small Windows

Exciting Brick Cell House Interior Design With Wooden Floor Showing The Kitchen And Dining Area With White Table And Wire Chairs

Charming Spiral Staircase Details At Brick Cell House With Black Steps And White Handle View From Top Also Appears The Bathroom

Beautiful Lighting From Holes On The Wall Combined With Open Storage At Brick Cell House Living Space Decoration Ideas

Astonishing Kitchen Details At Brick Cell House View At Night Seems Light In Blue Appearing The Metal Sink And Faucet Design

To enhance the interior space, there is a modern master bedroom with walk-in storage cupboard using the wall. All the decor in this contemporary home is well coordinated and perfectly.

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