Unique Concrete House Design With Modern Cantilevered Volumes

Marvelous Staircase Of Floating Concrete House In White

Unique Concrete House Design With Modern Cantilevered Volumes

Living in concrete house design with modern indoor outdoor decoration may be interesting. When you want to make your modern home has unique design maybe using concrete house style can be your inspiration. In this home review you will get the inspiration to build a new cantilevered house.

You can see on this article, this home is decorated with modern house. This house is using modern concrete house and then combined with green garden design for the exterior home design. The exterior design of this concrete house is decorated with modern flat roof home design ideas. This house also looks stylish when decorated with glass door design. The exterior design of this concrete house is using shipping home shape design with flat roof design ideas. This concrete house has the natural touch when decorated with green landscaping view. In this concrete house also completed with small pond design. The pond design is using modern design and made from concrete material.

The pond looks so gorgeous when decorated with green plants decoration ideas. Well, the interior design of this concrete house also looks beautiful. In the hallway design of this concrete house is decorated with concrete staircase design ideas and then combined with wooden wall design. This hallway design also looks so natural when decorated with green plants decoration ideas. Well, the living room design of this concrete house is using modern living room furniture. This living room is using grey and cream fabric sofa in modern design. The living room is also completed with wooden coffee table design. Not only that, the living room design interior also decorated with open floor dining room design. The interior design of this house is using concrete floor and also with concrete wall design combined with glass material. The outdoor space of this concrete house is very unique when decorated with modern concrete decoration ideas.

If you are interested to decorate your home with using concrete material it is good idea. You can also combine it with modern or contemporary design to make it look beautiful. Not only that, you can also complete your concrete house with suitable furniture design. Well, from this review you will get the inspiration to have concrete house plans in your home.

Modern Living Room Of Aesthetic Floating Concrete House

Awe Inspiring Living Room Of Floating Concrete House Completed With Sofa And Table Plus Chairs

Marvelous Floating Concrete House With Neat Green Grass On Courtyard

Stunning Floating Concrete House Furnished With Small Pond

Amazing Floating Concrete House Completed With Yellow Indoor Lighting

Wonderful Floating Concrete House Applying Transparent Glass Room Divider

Impressive Floating Concrete House Applying Grey Exterior Wall

Magnificent Floating Concrete House Applying Sophisticated Clear Glass Wall

Sophisticated Courtyard With Small Pool Completed With Charming Green Plants

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