Stylish Modern House Decoration With Beautiful And Bright Interior Themes

Stylish Wooden Shelves For Books And Decorative Items Maximizing Manzanita Residence Yamamar Design

Stylish Modern House Decoration With Beautiful And Bright Interior Themes

Manzanita Residence is a stylish modern house was designed by Yamamar Design. This bright modern residence is located in Laurel Heights, San Francisco. The new raising designer of the countryside is maybe not really the best one. However, by designing the interior design themes with white interior wall and wooden ceiling bars, the house is so great. In addition, the modern interior is decorated with modern furnishings so that it looks more lavish.

The white oak floor installation really seems so classy because the kitchen wall is painted in white color. In addition, the kitchen backsplash is installed with white brick so that it looks so classy. For the desert paintings that are attached on the interior column, the interior is really so classy. For the wooden ceiling bars that are also made from cedar wood, the kitchen decoration becomes more astonishing. The Modern Home Decoration of this modern house is indeed very perfect because the chandelier lamp is covered with glass shade. In addition, the ceiling lamps are also designed with square ceiling decoration for the interior design.

With rustic appearance for the kitchen dining table, the aluminum stools really look so great painted in grey color. In addition, the mural painting is placed as main wall decal for the living room. The sectional sofa that is decorated with peach color is really classy since the white interior design is painted in neutral color. The bathroom decoration is also very complete since the bath up is made from porcelain material. The bathroom vanity that is made from walnut wood really contrasts the modern bathroom sink. With mirror wall in wooden frame, the bathroom becomes more lavish.

For the bathroom door, glass material is applied as the panel so that it embosses a classy nuance. However, the glass panel is one-sided view so that it is suitable for bathroom door design. Therefore, by applying Modern Home Decoration Ideas, the modern house is so lavish.

Smart Vertical Bookcase Installed In Manzanita Residence Yamamar Design Corner Of Kitchen With Chairs

Small Wooden Dresser Placed In Corner Of Manzanita Residence Yamamar Design Entry With Painting

Simple Wooden Storage Displayed Inside Manzanita Residence Yamamar Design Painted In White For Decor

Interesting Manzanita Residence Yamamar Design Kitchen Furnished With Wide Island And Inset Cabinetry

Eye Catching Cyan Engraved Mirror Studded On Manzanita Residence Yamamar Design Vanity Center Wall

Elegant Manzanita Residence Yamamar Design Master Bath With Small Closet Reflected By Framed Mirror

Effective Manzanita Residence Yamamar Design Open Kitchen Displaying Mounted Counter And Island

Cool Manzanita Residence Yamamar Design Interior Displaying Seating Room And Kitchen With Storage Nooks

Comfortable Manzanita Residence Yamamar Design Bedroom Furnished With Platform Bed And Nightstands

Awesome Manzanita Residence Yamamar Design Bathroom Furnished With Mounted Tub And Vanity

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