Stylish But Contemporary Home Decor With Elegant Interior Theme

Wonderful Bedroom Design Inside The Minimalist Apartment Applied Wood Closet Door And Striped Bed Frame

Stylish But Contemporary Home Decor With Elegant Interior Theme

Elegant interior theme modified by using soft color theme will look more exclusive to be completed by using stylish interior decor modified elegantly. Soft gray color design is used well to decorate concrete interior wall which it will make house interior to look more modern and exotic in its appearance.

White interior wall can also be combined with gray interior feature so it will be able to create excellent color combination with soft color feature and characteristic. Transparent curtain decoration is also created perfectly in this interior.

In addition, stylish glass table design is made elegantly in square table model. It uses wooden table leg design so it will create artistic interior furniture that is modified elegantly and exclusively.

White table accessory added to design the glass table actually will decorate and design furniture interestingly. It is as stylish interior design ideas for modern penthouse interior that is designed elegantly. Artistic art painting pictures are also used artistically to decorate interior wall that has gray wall color feature.

Interior plant decoration that is placed in a corner position of house interior space actually will modify house interior in this project naturally and freshly. It is as natural house interior decoration concept that will make house living to look more beautiful.

Besides, elegant white pendant lamp will also design dining room space exclusively. Actually it will look more perfect to be combined with glass table countertop placed under it. This elegant decoration concept such applied to create modern home interior that is also done excellently.

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Artistic television display applied in living room actually also becomes special feature of interior decoration applied in this project. Artistic wall design that is placed in behind position of television also adds elegant interior display that will make house interior space to look more artistic and interesting. This design concept is done perfectly by KNQ Associates + Vievva Designers to decorate and modify modern penthouse of exclusive residential interior project. It will become interior design ideas for apartments in order to look more stylish.

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