Stunning White Home With Authentic Patio In Modern Style

Wonderful View Of The Patio Residence Entrance With Wooden Door And Wide Glass Walls Near Wooden Shutters

Stunning White Home With Authentic Patio In Modern Style

Seinfeld Arquitecos who nearly builds White Mansion is really creative because he can redesign a historical building into such modern home. In addition, he adds authentic patio that is also designed in modern style. By applying white concept for both interior and exterior decoration, the mansion is looked so stunning.

However, different from other modern mansion, the patio is built in indoor so that it is applied by glass panels as main ventilation. Designed in modern style, the patio is liked so enchanting because authentic furniture is being applied as main furniture.

As another glass panels function, the glass panels are embossing classy outlook of the indoor patio. The authentic furnishings are indeed designed in colorful concept so that it is not looked so rustic. Indeed, by applying White House Mansion for both exterior and interior wall, the mansion is looked more stunning along with indoor patio of the mansion.

The main material that is being applied as main material for the mansion is indeed concrete material so that the authentic furnishings are completely perfect on it. The aluminum pillars that are installed as main structure for the mansion is making this historical building are looked so authentic, indeed. Not different from the exterior design, the interior is also built by applying concrete material. However, the floor plan of the mansion is installed by hardwood material. For the door design, walnut wood is being used because it has authentic pattern for the modern mansion.

Since the main material for the renovation of the mansion is concrete material, the decoration of the historical building is looked so contemporary. In addition, white color is the most suitable color for the renovation. Hence, White House Mansion Tulsa Reviews must be the most elegant for alternative design of modern mansion comparing to other design to renovate an old building.

Wide Entrance Of The Patio Residence With Wooden Door And Stone Floor Near The Glass Walls

Stunning White Sink And Floating Vanity In The Patio Residence Toilet Space With Wide Mirror And White Wall

Simple Entrance Space Inside The Patio Residence With Long Bench And Rounded Wooden Table Under Wooden Staircase

Sensational Facade Design Plan Of The Patio Residence With Wooden Shutters And The Wide Glass Walls

Modern Back Space Of The Patio Residence With Cozy Chairs And Stone Deck Near Green Grass Yard

Minimalist Details In The Patio Residence Exterior With Wooden Shutters And White Ceiling Above Stone Floor

Interesting Entrance Space Of The Patio Residence With Dark Door And Wide Glass Window Near Wooden Floor

Innovative Wooden Shutters And Concrete Wall In The Patio Residence Facade With Green Plantations And Stone Floor

Gorgeous Red Chairs And Concrete Fireplace In The Patio Residence With Grey Rug And Hardwood Floor

Fascinating TV Room In Patio Residence With Wooden Shelves And Dark Table Near Grey Sofa On Grey Carpet

Fabulous Terrace Outside The Patio Residence With Long Sofa And Wooden Bench Near Rounded Glass Table

Cozy Living Room In The Patio Residence With Grey Chairs And Grey Sofas Near The Glass Table

Comfortable Wooden Bench And Rounded Wooden Table In The Patio Residence Entrance With The Wooden Door

Colorful Painting On The White Wall Inside Patio Residence Living Room With Grey Sofas And Glass Table

Attractive Patio Residence Floor Design Plan With Dining Room And Wide Kitchen Space Near The Terrace

Appealing Upper Space Inside The Patio Residence With Wooden Staircase And Concrete Wall Under White Ceiling

Amazing White Tub In The Patio Residence Bathroom With Glass Shower Space And White Towel Shelves

Image By : Seinfeld Arquitectos

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