Stunning Waterfront House With Lush Forest Landscape

Stunning Modern Pender Harbour House Interior With Glaring Ceiling Lights Concrete Staircase With Glass Railing Cushy Stone Puffs

Stunning Waterfront House With Lush Forest Landscape

Have you ever dream about owning a waterfront house? If the answer is yes, come in and realize your dream through this Pender Harbour House. Situated in British Columbia, Canada exactly in Pender Harbour the house that is surrounded by lush forest delivers a stunning views which perfect for you who need a vacation house. If you want to buy it, it will spend your money for $20,000,000 only. The rocky boundary in front of the house can be also as a place for binding your fast.

The lush forest landscape will extend you the advantage since it will appear the shady impression to your dwelling place. Meanwhile, the water flow can be the natural calming sound that brings a separate beauty for your living space. This waterfront house plans utilizes as well the glass wall to create a border less atmosphere between inside and outside of the home. It enables also the natural light to enter the house directly so you do not have to turn on the lamp all day long.

The construction of the house is divided into two sections, the main home and a separate private space. These two buildings are connected with a long bridge which is painted in pale tone. This color is deliberately chosen to adapt the house wall painting color. The bridge structure itself is flexible adjusted to the rock contour.

A playful house interior design can be met inside the house. The red dining chairs is arranged side by side with the kitchen island that is furnished with the large square woodsy table in natural varnish touch. In addition, the artistic seaweed like room decoration is hanged above the table to adorn the dining spot appearance.

Splendid Contemporary Architectural Pender Harbour House With Green Roof Outdoor Concrete Staircase Tough Metallic Railing Stone Outdoor Wall

Spectacular Pender Harbour House Interior With Glossy Ceiling Lights Rough Stone Wall Minimalist Wood Bathroom Vanity With Square Sink

Soft LED Light In Classy Bathroom Minimalist Wood Bathroom Vanity With Double Sinks Small Glass Shower Cabin Oval Shaped Bathtub Pender Harbour House

Shiny LED Light Around Mirror Floating Wood Bathroom Vanity With Double Sinks Glass Shower Cabin Cool Pender Harbour House

Precious Fake Flower On Compact Shaped Kitchen Island Glaring Pendant Lights Padded Bar Stools Concrete Floor Glaring Ceiling

Mesmerizing Sunset And Beach View Warm Outdoor Fireplace Tough Metallic Chairs Glass Wall Sloping Roof Shiny Outdoor Lights

Long Corridor With Small Stone Wall Panel Shiny Ceiling Lights Rustic Wood Floor Steep Concrete Staircase With Glass Railing In Pender Harbour House

Innovative Pender Harbour House Exterior With Clean Glass Wall Gorgeous River With Huge Rocks And Shady Trees Panorama

Gorgeous Pendant Light Above Lacquered Wood Dining Table Glossy Red Padded Chairs Wood Kitchen Cabinet Precious Fake Flower In Pender Harbour House

Flashy Red Padded Bar Stools Square Wood Dining Table Concrete Floor Lacquered Wood Kitchen Cabinet Shiny Pendant Lights Dark Bar Stools In Pender Harbour House

Fantastic Modern Pender Harbour House Cozy White Lounge Chairs Concrete Floor Glass Cantilever Imposing Lake View

Extraordinary Pender Harbour House With Green Roof Fantastic Lake View Rectangular Glass Window Shady Greenery And Huge Rocks

Enchanting Shady Greenery And Huge Rocks Near Large River Transparent Glass Wall Long Bridge With Metallic Railing

Elegant Pink Bed Sofa With Cute Pillows Wood Coffee Table Classic Fireplace Shiny Table Lamps On Dark Sideboard Classy Pender Harbour House Interior

Eclectic Modern Architectural Pender Harbour House Surrounded By Leafy Greenery Transparent Glass Wall Trendy Sloping Roof

Awesome Lake View From Adorable Classy Pender Harbour House Transparent Glass Railing Porcelain White Bathtub Concrete Deck Small Shower Cabin

Attractive Pender Harbour House With Geometric Sloping Roof Transparent Glass Wall Long Bridge With Tough Metallic Railing Long River And Shady Greenery

Amazing Pender Harbour House With Asymmetric Roof And Glass Wall Shady Greenery Long Bridge With Metallic Railing

You will never feel bored while taking your meal as you can look at the scenery outside directly with border less view. This waterfront house plans designs also completed with open bathroom that only covered with glass fence hence you can take a bath while getting pleasure from the beautiful landscape.

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