Stunning Steel And Glass Structure Reflected In 497 Greenwich Street Penthouse

Stunning Greenwich Street Project In Modern Architecture Sloping Glass Wall In Metallic Frame Sleek Laminate Flooring Marble Staircase Glass Railing

Stunning Steel And Glass Structure Reflected In 497 Greenwich Street Penthouse

In this modern era, we will find so many homes or building that involves the stunning steel structure to be their parts. Yeah, it is not only about the supporting construction. It s also can be utilized as additional construction. As applied in 497 Greenwich Street Penthouse, the steel holds important involvement in designing the trendy modern penthouse. This unique house located in SoHo, New York City, USA. The project with steel is to encourage the lights penetrating well.

The pictures are figured in this article. The applications of steel construction systems in this house are almost dominant. The steels are made as the beams of the house. The steel beams are combined with sophisticated glass constructions. The style of this construction will lead to result much light penetrate well to inside of the room.

Besides the steel and glass structure, they also involve the wood and ceramic as the elements. The wooden floor can be found in the balcony with some rough plants. The beautiful ceiling design is some also designed based on wooden materials. While the ceramic, it is thing that the floor of the modern interior design applied based on granite ceramic styles.

Based on the situation, how do the decorations lay? When looking at the whole designs, it should be in amazing decorations too. Yeah, that is! The living room is situated in spacious living room by accomplishing unique black leather sofas in two sides.

The unique pattern table is placed at the center with its neutral color palette. In front of them, there is a modern fireplace under the orange board. The background of the board is designed in black and white wall art painting.

The other design in this room is also stylized in much neutral palettes. The constructions based on the steel that is applied in this article will influence decoration inside. The lights are also got in perfect because of the glass combinations. Well, applying the steel foundation systems construction for our house can be one of the inspirations in the next project.

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