Stunning Holiday Home For Single Family Residence In Poland

Surprising White Dining Ware On Wooden Dining Table Installed Beside Kitchen Island Of Single Family House In Garby

Stunning Holiday Home For Single Family Residence In Poland

Having vacation with the family sometimes need a good plan like renting a holiday home to stay. Yes, this one is alternative choice for your family whenever you come to Garby, Poland. Neostudio Architects has make this house comfortable for your holiday season. It carrying a special contemporary home design with a nice stripes and a good glass design over the house. Let’s take a tour for a while to get more details view!

Called as Single Family House, this family home living have a special line design which give a contemporary look of the house. It has a small holiday home size but still it has an excellent feature. The color is dominated by a gray strip that perfectly match with the stones wall over the garage. It placed in the center of open air area that has a green grass.

It will guarantee you to have a calm situation to have the good quality time with your family. As you can see, it has a L-shape building which is pretty nice look from the outside. You also can see that there is a very large glass window screen on the one side of the wall. It will make you see outside so much clear.

Now, let’s come inside the house. The interior design is very attractive that it’s dominated with the white color. A low height sofa in grey soft sofa with a nice cushions are placed on the corner of house that has a large glass windows screen. It’s very perfect that you will feel united with the environment around.

The hexagon partition also placed to separate the living room with the dinning room, it really give some cool effect. This house also have a garage that can contain two cars inside there. You don’t have to worry about the parking space! Of course, this small holiday house design will satisfied all of your family member.

Stunning White Hanging Lamp Above Contemporary Living Room Of Single Family House In Garby Involved Gray Carpet

Simple Black Fruits Bowl On Wooden Kitchen Island With Black Stools On Light Gray Marble Tiled Floor Single Family House In Garby

Refreshing Green Plants On Turfs Outside Single Family House In Garby With White Lounge On It Beside Glass Windows

Irregular White Pendant Lamp On White Ceiling In Single Family House In Garby Above Gray L Shaped Living Sofa

Interesting Single Family House In Garby Construction Displaying White Striped Wall With Big Glass Windows On It

Incredible Gray L Shaped Sofa With White Short Coffee Table Completed Glass Potted Plants In Single Family House In Garby

Fabulous Contemporary Living Room With White Pendant Light In Single Family House In Garby On White Ceiling And Wall

Cool White Interior Design In Single Family House In Garby Bedroom Furnished Black Lounge On White Marble Floor

Charming Atmosphere Surrounding Single Family House In Garby By Light Blue Skies Views With Clouds And Turfs Outside

Captivating Stone Patterned Wall Combined With White Striped Wall Covered Single Family House In Garby With Glass Windows

Attractive Single Family House In Garby Interior Layout Displaying Contemporary Living Room With Hanging Lamp And Black Lounge

Attractive Black Staircase With Wooden Glass Railing On White Glossy Floor Inside Single Family House In Garby

Appealing Glossy Lounge On White Marble Floor Under Black Staircase Installed Inside Single Family House In Garby

Image By : Neostudio Architects

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