Stunning Duplex Modern House Surrounded By Green Tree And Lawn Made From Concrete Material

Wonderful Villa L Design Plan With Some Comfortable Rooms And Some Cozy Bedrooms For The Guests

Stunning Duplex Modern House Surrounded By Green Tree And Lawn Made From Concrete Material

Villa L that is designed by Powerhouse Company and the well-known architectures company called RAU is looked so fascinating since Duplex Villa is the main design that is used. Built in suburbs area, the villa is looked so natural because green lawn is surrounding the main building. In addition, the main material that is used is concrete material, so that both exterior and interior decoration of the villa is so incredible.

Here, I want to show you some fascinating pictures of the villa that is made from concrete material that is built by applying duplex floor plan. For the concrete material that is applied as main material, white and black colors are the main colors of the main building.

As other villa designs that are built by applying concrete material, glass panels are installed as main exterior wall at both floors. Indeed, the exterior of the villa is embossing natural outlook of green lawn. For the rooftop plan that is made in plain design, indeed, Duplex Villa Plans is the perfect villa design in suburbs area.

For main decoration that is applied for the interior decoration, white color is dominating the interior design. In addition, to make the interior is looked so enchanting, the wooden furnishings are applied, such as wooden shelves and wooden storage.

Granite floor installation is indeed really making the villa is looked more adorable. Along with concrete decoration for interior, the glass panels that are used as room divider is designed artistically. The glass panels are indeed looked so classy since it designed following the texture of the interior.

The stairs design, indeed, is the most adorable spot of this villa because it is designed in spiral design. Indeed, the villa is looked so enchanting since the Duplex Villa Design is perfectly applied as main design for both interior and exterior design.

Wide Open Parking Space Outside The Villa L With Wide Glass Walls And Brown Wall Under Black Walls

Unusual Wooden Shelves In The Villa L With Hidden Door On The Hardwood Floor Under White Ceiling

Unique Mirrored Wall Of The Small Building Near Villa L Backyard With Flat Roof And Cube Shape

Small Building Near The Villa L Backyard With Green Grass Space And Lush Green Trees Near It

Simple Home Office Space In The Villa L With White Desk And White Chairs Near White Cabinets

Natural Green Grass And Green Plantations Near The Villa L Wooden Wall And White Ceiling Above It

Modern Staircase Inside The Villa L With Wooden Footings And Long Iron Handrail Near White Balustrade

Minimalist Alleyway Of The Villa L With White Door And White Ceiling Above The Grey Floor

Interesting Corner Inside The Villa L With Wooden Shelves And Wide Glass Walls Under The White Ceiling

Innovative Details Of The Villa L Facade With Long Shape And Wide Glass Walls Near Wide Stone Yard

Gorgeous Wide Glass Walls Of The Villa L Facing The Wide Green Grass Yard Near Terrace

Fantastic Pool Inside The Villa L With Some Wide Glass Walls Near The Concrete Staircase Outside

Cozy Terrace Of The Villa L With Wide Glass Walls And Bright Lighting Facing The Lush Green Trees

Comfortable Open Terrace Space Behind The Villa L With Grey Chairs And Green Grass Yard Near It

Bright Villa L Interior Lighting With White Kitchen Space And Tidy Wooden Bookshelves Near The Long Terrace

Beautiful Flowers And Lust Trees Near The Villa L With Black Wall And Flat Roof Near Glass Walls

Awesome Corridor In The Villa L With White Doors And Grey Floor Under The White Ceiling

Appealing Design Plan For The Villa L With Wide Kitchen And Cozy Sitting Space Near The Spiral Staircase

Amazing Alleyway Inside The Villa L With White Wall And White Ceiling Near The White Swirly Staircase

Image By : Powerhouse Company

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