Stunning Cantilevered Home With Earthy Tones Of Minimalist Interior Designs

Wonderful Panoramic View Seen From The Two Hulls House Terrace With Wide Pergola And Wooden Floor

Stunning Cantilevered Home With Earthy Tones Of Minimalist Interior Designs

Awesome light wood materials become main feature for this minimalist cantilevered home of Two Hulls House designed by MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects. The idea is to build two large buildings made from light wood panels, of which in between there is bridge area connecting both parts.

This stunning contemporary home is located on southwest coast of Region of Queens Nova Scotia, Canada, inside small village of Port Mouton. The natural environment surrounds this house with wide grass field in one side, whereas coastal area is on the other side.

The two building parts fully are covered with wooden panels yet walls that facing ocean water have surface of glass windows from floor to ceiling. There is deck area made from black wooden panels for minimalist home design. Dining space consists of long table with long bench and some stools covered with gray wood. Install star lamps in arranged order, and then place bowl of fruits on table to add colorful effect.

High ceiling is applied to most all parts of house. In minimalist living room, homeowner has brown leather sofas inside metal legs and square table in between. Gray stone is used for flooring surface too. After that, white fireplace is built on a wall, which has two parts for fire pit and storage of log supplies. Strong pillars are built to support this house better. Yet they are made attaching to wall and in diagonal direction.

Kitchen decoration ideas has white drawers made from wooden materials, same like ceiling part of wooden panels. Black marble stone is used in countertop part. Island area is created from extension of countertop and is completed with rounded bar stools and bowl of fruits. For library room, simply use minimalist interior design of wooden bookshelf attached to wall in floating style, and then add comfy and ergonomic armchair with high backseat.

Wide Wooden Shutters And Simple Wooden Staircase Inside The Two Hulls House With A Hardwood Floor

Stunning Concrete Staircase To The Two Hulls House With Wooden Wall And Flat Roof Near Glass Windows

Simple Brown Sofas And Brown Tables In The Two Hulls House Living Room With Wide Fireplace

Sensational Location Of The Two Hulls House With Small Beach And Green Trees Near Giant Stones

Natural Beach Space Near The Two Hulls House With Wooden Wall And Bright Balcony Under The Wooden Roof

Minimalist Exterior View Of Two Hulls House With Wooden Wall And Wide Glass Windows Above Grass Yard

Interesting Wooden Staircase Inside The Two Hulls House With The Wooden Ceiling And A Wooden Floor

Gorgeous Balconies Of The Two Hulls House With Wide Pergola And Wide Glass Walls Near Wooden Fence

Fascinating Interior View Of The Two Hulls House With Some Wooden Shutters And Wide Wooden Ceiling

Fantastic Balcony Of The Two Hulls House With Wooden Shutters And Wide Pergola Facing The Sea

Fabulous Panoramic Blue Sea View Outside The Two Hulls House With Wooden Floor And Wooden Shutters

Cozy Home Office Inside The Two Hulls House With Long Wooden Desk And Many Wooden Bookshelves

Beautiful Blue Sea Near The Two Hulls House With Wide Outdoor Wooden Staircase And Wooden Wall

Awesome Brown Tables And Brown Sofas On The Concrete Floor Inside Two Hulls House Living Room

Attractive Facade View Of The Two Hulls House With Wooden Door And Wooden Wall Near Glass Wall

Appealing Details In The Two Hulls House Architecture With Wooden Wall And Cozy Beautiful Balcony Near It

Image By : MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects

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