Spacious Contemporary Concrete House With Great Interior Decorations

Simple White Painted The Park House Building Designed In Intricate Roof To Hit Fresh Green Turfs And Leafy Tree

Spacious Contemporary Concrete House With Great Interior Decorations

Designing a park house design with exquisite natural scenes will be one f the most wanted design for everybody like natural scenes. The house will be available for those who are looking for that kind of house. This article will lead you to look at one of the designs. It comes from a spacious contemporary house called as the Park House that is located in Singapore. The house is a single story house and it was completed by Formwerkz Architects.

Here are the related designs. Now we talk about the lovely exterior design. Seeing the park designs home decor in this house will make us aware that scenes will be so great to decorate the house. The house is painted in white color with combination of some glasses as windows.

The shapes of this house are irregular style’s there is adorable concrete patio crossing the garden that protect the scenes below. The ground of this house is situated as lounge seat with natural scenes. There is a long swimming pool with charming concrete deck included some lounge seats. The level for the main house is designed based on the lawn as roofing style.

The looks of the main building with great interior decoration is here. They come with monochromatic style. There are also white spiral staircases reaching to the main building. The room is also designed in lighter by accomplishing vertical shutters for the wall glass panels.

The living room is situated in spacious with the simple white seating place. The other room, as in dining table, it s also designed in great transparent nuance. They apply glass table with white porcelain chairs. It is really united with the room background that is in white.

Dealing to the design and details of this house, we are supposed to get looking at more photos in this article. The design and architecture of this house are designed in white color accents. The furniture is also applied in white. We can find this kind of house in park hill home decor deals to make the inspiring designs of a park home appear.

Open White Painted The Park House Living Room Interior Designed In Double Height Concept With Electric Fan

Modern Grey And Black Painted The Park House Facade View Seen From Street Side With Wide Driving Way

Minimalist White Themed The Park House Indoor Staircase Idea Involving Metallic Handrail To Access Upper Floor

Luxurious Curved The Park House Staircase Concept Installed In Exterior Part Of The House With Greenery Touch

Large The Park House Swimming Pool Area Involving In Ground Pool Deck And Open Staircase With Garden

Glorious White And Grey Painted The Park House Exterior Wall Hitting The Fresh Blue Water Filled In Swimming Pool

Fresh Growing Tree With Green Leaves Planted On The Ground With Gravels And Pathway To Beautify The Park House

Clean The Park House Dining Room Interior Furnished With Glass Dining Table Coupled With White Swivel Chairs

Amazing Two Floor The Park House Building Designed With Shuttered Transparency Refreshed By Tall Tree

Adorable In Ground Swimming Pool Constructed In Lower Level Of The Park House Seen From Rooftop Building

Image By : Formwerkz Architects

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