Sophisticated Recycled Wooden Furniture For Preserving The Environment

Uncommon Recycled Wooden Study Desk Idea Displaying Irregular Tile Detail On Both Sides Of The Desk Legs

Sophisticated Recycled Wooden Furniture For Preserving The Environment

The recycled wooden furniture is abundantly favored these days. This is one of the natural resources savings efforts. Our earth is getting alarming nowadays. We have to realize that cutting a lot of trees for our home needed are so selfish. Those trees are our natural oxygen source.

Imagine that this earth doesn’t have enough oxygen sources anymore. We will live in air pollution and there will be much respiratory diseases in the future. This situation will not be good for our children other next generations.

That’s why by using the recycled woods is really a good idea. With these recycled wooden furniture ideas, you can save our world and also inspirational stylish furniture too. The designers of AVATAR ARCHITETTURA, Nicola Santini and Pier Paolo Taddei have created three home decorations from recycled woods. The first one is an office desk. It has slight design with white frames support the furniture.

This table has rectangular shape with arrangement of wooden blocks as the table top. This table has two wooden chest drawers on its side. To cover the left and right sides, the designers install the sparsely arrangement of wooden blocks.

The designers also use this technique for creating shelves. The shelves contains of standing white wooden boards. Between those boards, the designers patch small wooden blocks randomly as the shelves to place books or small ornamental plant pots. The shelves give an artistic side in a room.

The designers also create another recycled woods creation as furniture. They designed a side table with the same white boards and small wooden blocks. It has rectangular shape with unique horizontal shelves on its top to place books and many other things. It also has white boards both on the left and right sides. This reclaimed wooden furniture also has crude woods side that results the artistic looks.

Nice Recycled Wooden Desk And Bookcase Painted In Neutral Theme Placed Inside Black Themed Living Room

Modern Bookcase Design Placed Against The White Painted Living Room Wall To Hit The Vertical Wooden Shelves

Minimalist Recycled Wooden Working Desk Idea Involving Thin Desk Surface And Legs With Open Shelves For Books

Luxurious Sideboard Cabinet Made Of Recycled Wood Displaying Artistic Tile Table To Beautify Any Room Decoration

Inspiring Recycled Wooden Office Desk Idea Designed With Large Surface For Working And Enhanced With Storage

Incredible Recycled Wooden Furniture Collection Displayed Inside Modern Residence As Functional Decoration

Gorgeous Living Room Idea Furnished With Reclaimed Wooden Table And Brown Sofa With Recycled Wooden Furnishing

Fine Recycled Wooden Sideboard Idea Painted In Neutral And White Featured With Horizontal Bookcase On Top Part

Enthralling White And Wood Themed Bookcase Made Of Recycled Wood Functions As Collectible Books Storage

Contemporary Sideboard Cabinet Idea Manufactured In Long Rectangular Shape Displaying Puzzle Styled Tiling

Bright White Painted Home Interior Completed With Reclaimed Wooden Office Desk And Dresser With Tiled Surface

Awesome Reclaimed Wooden Bookcase And Puzzled Desk Showing Us Such An Irregular Furniture Design For House

Amazing Application Of Colorful Stools To Contrast The Appearance Of Natural Reclaimed Wooden Desk And Bookcase

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