Sophisticated Bathtub Design Bringing Luxury Into Stunning Bathrooms

Fabulous Bathroom Design Of Project Modern Bathtub With White Colored Bathtub And Holes Waterways

Sophisticated Bathtub Design Bringing Luxury Into Stunning Bathrooms

Ljubljana-based design studio Desnahemisfera has bathtub design ideas that then realized to be attractive bathtub. Well, it has been known that there are many kind of bathtub. They are drain bathtub, soaking tub, and so on. You can choose the one in American standard. They may be various in prices also.

So you can choose the one that is affordable for you. Well, the last consideration is that, you have to adjust your bathtub design with the entire design of your bathroom. Your bathtub must be the focal point in your bathroom. So, you know that there are some considerations to take before picking one for you, don’t you?

Like what have been mentioned before, one of the design studios for Kerrock has stunning bathtub decorating ideas. The studio created innovative bathtub. It is very simple bathtub actually but it is very stylish bathtub. It has different shape with common bathtub. With the white color, it can be put in any bathroom decorating. The neutral color can be matched with any other bathroom furniture like table sink or toilet. It is the tip for you that neutral color can be combined with any room design.

How about the shape of the bathtub itself? How does it look like? Well, this bathtub was designed based on the shape of human body. You can be comfortably lying here for so long time. This unconventional bathtub is suitable especially for contemporary bathroom with minimalist design. One that will amaze you is the sophisticated technology put in this bathtub. Here, you can enjoy your time while listening to the music which is played from your hand phone since the bathtub has built-in speakers. Have you ever imagined that before? The last but not least, the bathtub has also a button which can be used to control the water temperature.

Enchanting Bathroom Design Of Project Modern Bathtub With White Colored Sink And Soft Yellow Colored Floor Mat

Brilliant Design Of Project Modern Bathtub With White Colored Marble Bathtub And Silver Colored Stainless Faucet

Breathtaking Bathroom Design Of Modern Bathtub Integrated Sink With Soft Yellow Colored Floor Mat And White Wooden Ladder

Amusing Bathroom Design Of Modern Bathtub Integrated Sink With White Colored Marble Bathtub And Silver Faucet

Amazing Bathroom Design Of Modern Bathtub Integrated Sink With White Marble And Silver Stainless Faucet

Are you interested to have the bathtub? It is goo idea to have one that is unconventional in design. But don’t forget to think about the amenities of the bathtub and suit it with bathroom design ideas to create luxurious bathroom.

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