Small Modern House With Urban Interior Design And Big Beauties

Unique Textured Wall Covering Hus 1 House Exterior Part Decorated With White Accent On The Rooftop Trim

Small Modern House With Urban Interior Design And Big Beauties

This one is an amazing masterpiece: a small modern house in Swedish West coast. Built by Torsten Ottesjo, this HUS-1 has a 270 square foot width only! What can you think about the shape of the building? Rounded? Rectangular? Squared? Nope. This residence has a cute architectural with two curved surfaces. The roof and the wall are connected together, made by wooden materials that been arranged together. Let’s see its beauty together!

The entrance of this house is a simple glass door. The unique glass door is also curved, following the shape of the building. After you pass the entrance, you will be taken into a dazzling home decoration with a tiny access to walk. You can see hundreds of tiny long wooden boards complete the tiny house design. They are arranged together to create the curvy wall of this residence. Near the door you also can see a simple floating storage display to support the furnishing too. What’s more?

The cozy wooden flooring will take you everywhere inside the dwelling. Also to the bedroom. The bedroom is amazing and modern. The bed is comfortable with cozy white bed sheet and blanket. At the end of the house, you can find a simple dining table that made from wooden stands perfectly in its dark palette. As a natural enlighten system, the designer installed lots of asymmetric glass as the wall too. All of those items blend so perfect and beautiful.

This house, simply is looks like an alley. The top of the ceiling is lined by a long wooden block in white color. Yes, all of the woods inside the house are painted in clean white tone. It helps this mini house gets wider and brighter impressions. If you want to see the house by yourself, you can see it by the pictures here. Beside the pictures, you can have the small home design plans also with you.

Uncommon Shaped Hus 1 House Built On White Snowy Ground With Dry Trees Growing Naturally Around The Building

Tiny Look Of Grey Schemed Hus 1 House Building Seen From Front Yard With Untidy Landscaping Idea Surrounding The House

Tight Hus 1 Home Kitchen And Dining Space Interior Furnished With Space Saving Curved Counter Chairs And More

Nice Exposed Beams And Planks Attached On Hus 1 Home Interior Wall Illuminated By Unique Black Sconce Idea

Mysterious Hus 1 Home Building Designed With Textured Wall Covering The Exterior Wall And Decorated By Natural Lawn

Inviting Hus 1 Residence Interior Illuminated By Dim Light Seen From Outside Through Glass Wall With Engraved Detail

Inspiring Hus 1 Home Interior Dominated With Wood Planks Arranged Horizontally In Off White Scheme To Match Furnishing

Incredible Hus 1 House Building Dominated With Textured Wall Colored In Grey To Blend With Nature Surrounding It

Imposing Metallic Grey Hus 1 Home Building Constructed On Large Green Mounts With Rocks And Leafy Trees

Gorgeous Hus 1 Home Design Interior Displaying Unique Framed Windows And Wall Featured With Tiny Kitchen Idea

Eye Catching Hus 1 Residence Building Covered By Grey Stone Veneer Attached Over The Unique House Surface

Extraordinary Tiled Detail Attached On Hus 1 Home Exterior Wall Made Of Special Matter To Keep The House Durable

Comfortable Hus 1 Home Master Bedroom Idea Dominated With White Foamy Mattress And Linen Brightened By Windows

Clear Hus 1 House Architecture Design Built In Fabulous Way Displayed On Floor Plan Drawing With Curved Shape

Clean White Painted Hus 1 Home Indoor Framed Windows To Display Natural Sky And Scenery View Enjoyed From Interior

Classy Hus 1 Home Interior With Unique Ceiling And Curved Wall Design Covering Black L Shaped Kitchen With Stools

Chic Curved Hus 1 House Building Floor Plan Idea Displaying Open Top For Relaxing And Gathering With Balustrade

Challenging Hus 1 Living Space Designed In Uncommon Shape To Match The Site Plan To Give Cozy Space In Interior Area

Awesome Tunnel Shaped Hus 1 Residence Building Design Constructed As An Isolated Home Design With Countryside View

Image By : Torsten Ottesjö

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