Small And Beautiful Home Studio Designed For A Textile Artist

Wide Propeller Inside The Nautilus Studio With Brown Ceiling And White Stone Wall Near Glass Walls

Small And Beautiful Home Studio Designed For A Textile Artist

Calico Studio was amazingly formed classy and small studio design ideas and then implemented it for a studio called Nautilus Studio which belong to an textile artist. This gorgeous studio stands nicely in Seattle, Washington, USA with a very artistic and trendy beautiful shape. The location itself was a space with a plenty of lovely trees, and the studio emerges very chic when sticking in with those trees. The design for both exterior and interior appears very sharp and creative, and with emphasize on distinctive raw materials.

The materials for this studio are very artistic, classy but still give a modern vibe through its texture and shape. Specifically materials such as AAC, autoclave concrete, OSB and masonry. It could be one of the most creative studio interior design ideas example, which also has a very precise calculation. Besides about the material, then furnishing also emerges very innovative and well-calculated. Some timber furniture were added and produce more artistic and classy yet still trendy ambiance.

Moreover, the studio generally was divided into some specific part for instance a spacious textile space, a classy painting space, a chic kitchenette, one sturdy mechanical room, a modish bathroom, a beautiful and refreshing porch, one comfy terrace and an impressive loft. Those elements are blending melodiously in a very perfect form, which represent a mature design.

To sum up the studio becomes very attractive based on its artistic appearance and precise materials, also its brilliant arrangement and adjustment for each room within the studio. And do not forget about how the combination of those materials could produce a very comfy ambiance for the studio, so the owner will get a great time when spend their work time within the studio. Hence it would be very logic to called this studio as one of the best illustration of studio type interior design ideas which is very promising as a reference, specifically for those who need to get inspiration and consideration of it.

Unique Iron Fence In The Nautilus Studio Upper Space With Wide Studio Space View Under It

Tidy Bookshelves In The Nautilus Studio With Red Sofa And Wooden Table On The Grey Concrete Floor

Stunning Night View Of The Nautilus Studio With White Wall And Wide Glass Walls Under The Curve Roof

Sensational Wooden Roof In The Nautilus Studio Exterior With White Wall And The Wide Glass Walls

Natural Lust Green Trees Near The Nautilus Studio With White Wall And Wide Glass Walls Under Curve Roof

Minimalist Details For Nautilus Studio Elevation Design Plan With Curved Roof And Wide Glass Walls Near White Wall

Gorgeous Interior Of The Nautilus Studio With Tidy Glass Cabinets And Red Sofas On Grey Concrete Floor

Fascinating Design Plan For The Nautilus Studio Interior With Painting Space And Kitchen In The Lower Level

Fantastic Night View Of The Nautilus Studio With Concrete Terrace And Wide Glass Walls Under The Curve Roof

Cozy Terrace Outside The Nautilus Studio With Rattan Furniture And Brown Carpet On The Concrete Floor

Classic Details In The Nautilus Studio Interior With Iron Lamps And Brown Ceiling Near The White Wall

Awesome Ladder In The Nautilus Studio With Iron Footings And Iron Handrail To The Loft Space

Amazing Architecture Of The Nautilus Studio With Curved Roof And White Wall Near The Wide Concrete Terrace

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