Simple Home Design With Transparent Glass Wall And Bright Interiors

Refreshing Space Of The House L Residence Beautified With White Wooden Glass Windows And Beautiful Views Outside The House L Residence

Simple Home Design With Transparent Glass Wall And Bright Interiors

Nowadays, people are more aware about the energy efficient design since it is believed to save our environment because using less electricity produced using fossil energy. The House L is a transparent contemporary home was designed by Schneider & Lengauer is an example of house which applies the Eco friendly house design.

The design of this house is claimed to reduce the use of fossil energy since it maximize the renewable solar energy as the house lighting. The concept which is applied in this house is actually simple which is by applying a lot of glass wall and using bright painting.

Located in a terrain which is surrounded by grass dune and hilly landscape, this house is projected to capture this beautiful environment scene as it also can use as maximal as the potential of solar energy.

The energy efficient interior design is realized by applying the finest white color in order to give the bright nuance as the sunlight can stream freely in the interior of this house. The large glass wall which is dominating the first floor wall will supports this plan as the glass is fully exposed without any shades covering the light.

This glassing method is not only beneficial for giving the bright nuance to the house. This also gives the panoramic and refreshing view of the surroundings. The view is not only good for the eyes but it also can remove the dullness of the monochromatic interior.

In addition to the monochromatic interior, the house is designed to resemble an artist studio in which you can find a number of colorful paintings. Thus, the paintings are not only giving the color to the homogeneous accent but they have improve the beauty of the significantly. Furthermore, the house is also supported by a number of lamps which are important as the light source for the night. The designs of the lamps also follow energy efficient interior lighting as found in the dining room which use the chromatic lamps shade which can improve the lighting.

Mesmerizing White Lounge Near With Pool Installed In Marble Tiled Floor Of The House L Residence

Marvelous Black Tufted Sofas And White Gray Foot Rest Completed With Black Piano Installed In House L Residence

Incredible Small Blue Swimming Pool In The Backyard Of The House L Residence Beautified With Blue Sky Views

Fresh Views From Green Turfs Surrounded House L Residence Completed With Green Trees Installed On It

Free Shipping Decoration For House L Residence With Wooden Glass Windows In The Floor And Assorted Patterned Wall In The Second Level

Fascinating Green Turfs In Front Of The House L Residence With Stone Patterned Around The Floor And White Painting

Extraordinary True Story House L Residence Floor Plans Without Painting Only White And Black Design Plan

Exciting Dark Blue Skies At The Night Seen From Light Blue Swimming Pool Installed In Marble Tiled Floor Of House L Residence

Excellent True Story Of House L Residence House Plans Displaying By Coloring The Wall Side Of The House

Captivating White Wooden Dining Desk With White Single Chairs Installed In The White Patterned Wall Of House L Residence

Attractive True Story House L Residence Floor Plans Looks From East Elevation And West Elevation In Black Seen

Astounding Floor Plans Displaying Living Room Dining Room And Kitchen Based True Story Of House L Residence

Astonishing True Story Of House L Residence Floor Plans With Blue Color As Separation For Each Room Of The House

Amazing House L Residence House Plans Displaying The Wall Side Of The House The Garage And The Ground Floor

Adorable Abstract And Women Mural On The White Painted Wall Installed In The House L Residence

Image By : Schneider & Lengauer

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