Shining Room Painting Ideas With Jewel Vibrant Colors

Wonderful Butterfly Details On The Emerald Green Wallpaper Near Dining Room With Wooden Table And Cozy Chairs

Shining Room Painting Ideas With Jewel Vibrant Colors

So your house is getting a lot of dirt and you need a room painting ideas to brighten your room? Here we are! I will give you some tips of room painting with this trendy jewel color painting. Why must jewel? Because the jewel color is very sharp and has some spirit that will make your day to be always positive. It’s also help your room to look more luxurious with the easy painting color for your eyes.

Ok, now what we have to do first? Take a look at these several room painting ideas pictures with the jewel vibrant color. Yes, there is several kinds of jewel color and let me mention it such as emerald, ruby, amethyst and sapphire. The emerald actually is green jewel color. It has a sharp and dark color that will bring some nature effect on your room. Below you can see that the room is dominated with the emerald color. It’s very calm and fresh to see.

For the ruby color, actually it has a feminine look. It will perfectly great for the girl rooms. This ruby color also bring some joy and some love nuance. Next, for the amethyst color. Actually it was a purple based color that has a strong and dark violet in there. As we know the amethyst color has some representation of strong soul, this will be perfectly match for the living room. The amethyst color also has some mystical nuance but still in elegant way.

And the last for the sapphire color. With the silver dominance, the sapphire color will help to have the elegant nuance on the room. This is the most neutral color that can be combined with another color. You can paint each rooms of your house in different color. Take a look at another room paint colors pictures below, you can see some good combination of them.

Stunning Ruby Red Interior Design For Living Room With Red Sofas And A Red Coffee Table

Sensational Details In The Jewel Tone Entryway With Blue Wall And Wooden Table Under The White Ceiling

Lovely Jewel Toned Apartment Living Room With Long Grey Sofa And Mirrored Coffee Table Near Pink Chairs

Long Sapphire Blue Couch In The Gorgeous Living Room With Contemporary Lamp And White Sofas Near Dark Tables

Gorgeous Details In The Purple Bedroom With Dark Bench And Wide Bed Near The Interesting Nightstands

Fascinating Red Sofa In The Ruby Red Living Room With Small Tables And Artistic Paintings On The Wall

Fantastic Green Wall In The Emerald Green Bedroom With White Bed And Black Bookshelves Near It

Fabulous Emerald Green Bedspread On The White Bed Under The Gorgeous Blue Chandelier In Comfortable Bedroom

Cozy Green Living Room With Colorful Sofas And Brown Table Near The Brick Fireplace Beside The Green Wall

Contemporary Sapphire Blue Bathroom With White Vanity And White Sink Under The Long Mirror On Blue Wall

Classic Exposed Brick Wall In Purple Living Room With Purple Sofa And Purple Log Table On Pink Carpet

Bright Ruby Red Wall With Wide Mirror Near The Artistic Wooden Table On The Hardwood Floor

Beautiful Pink Flowers In Lavender Room With Purple Sofa And Cream Sofas Near Glass Table And Purple Ottoman

Awesome Pink Bed And Pink Quilt In The Sapphire Bedroom With White Table Lamps And Purple Sofa

Artistic Painting In Jewel Toned Living Room With Long Grey Sofa And Wooden Chairs Near Long Wooden Table

Appealing Blue Sofas And Grey Ottoman In Jewel Toned Living Room Topaz With Simple Table And Grey Curtain

Amazing Red Sofas And Red Chair In The Red Living Room With Wooden Table Near Gorgeous Red Wall

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