Rectangular Concrete Home With Swimming Pool And Natural Elements

Stunning Design Of Anton Home Plans That Let The Owner To See Amazing Panorama Surround The Home

Rectangular Concrete Home With Swimming Pool And Natural Elements

Anton House is a rectangular concrete home that is one of the most favored by many people these days. Its shape that tidy and has clear lines make this kind of house is a beautiful contemporary house that would be easy and flexible to be decorated. This house is situated in the middle of a natural green landscape Zamora city, Castle and Leon, Spain. Surrounded by vineyard and also evergreen trees, make this house with 1,184 square foot wide is a great place to be a vacation house appearance.

This stunning modern house is designed with accurate consideration. Javier de Anton Freile, the designer that is based in Madrid, which is made this rectangular home design, build this dwelling from strong concrete.

This house is completed with two layer doors that contain French doors outside and glass doors inside. When the outside layer is closed, it will protect the house from the heat of sunlight and even from the cold night. But when it is open and the glass layer is closed, it will strain the sunlight.

Its roof that flat is providing a space for the occupants to have a rooftop garden above. It will add the oxygen productions and also utilize the wasted area on the roof. Bringing close to nature concept, this house has a amazing swimming pool with an open patio on the backyard. It made from concrete and has wide landscape view with outdoor chairs on the patio as a place to enjoy the panorama.

Connected by two layer doors, there is a living room and dining room with a kitchen inside the house. Concrete is still used as the floor. It is decorated by white couch with black pillows in the living room, and then white slight dining set that separated by white cabinets, and a modern white kitchen beside the living room.

The bedrooms are situated on both edge of the house. Simplicity with modern and slight furniture that is really suitable with this contemporary rectangular house themes are used here.

Stunning Activity Can Be Done In The Edge Of Swimming Pool Is Sunbathing And Enjoy The Beautiful Panorama

Sleek Metallic Material Elegant Glass Wall And Wooden Ceiling Are Good Combination In Designing Amazing Interior Design

Simple Design Of Anton House Bedroom Design Is Designed For Comfortable Place To Get Total Relaxation

Peace Atmosphere Surround The Anton House Environment Provide Total Relaxation And Healthy Life To The Owner

Modern Cube House Design Of Anton House Gives Powerful Modern And Elegant Home Plan Design Idea

Lush Green Plants Among The Anton House Exterior Design Give Total Natural View To The Home

Large Court Between Swimming Pool And The Home Building Can Be Used For Relaxation And Sunbathing Along Day

Impressive Lamps In The Swimming Pool Increase The Elegance Of The Swimming Pool Design Because It Look Shine With Unique Light

Impressive Backyard Design Plan Is Created By High Consideration That Fresh Air To Be Priority To Make Healthy Life

Elegant Glass Wall And Windows That Is Applied In The Anton House Can Be Used To Enjoy Panorama Surround The Home

Eco Friendly Of Anton House Design That Consider The Natural Sunlight And Air Circulation Make Healthier Life

Delightful Activity Can Be Done In Anton House Like Sunbathing Enjoying The Beautiful Panorama Or Relaxing Inside The House

Creative Anton House Plan Is Designed By Amazing Design That Put Big Attention In Efficiency Of Room Space

Creative Anton House Design Plan That Constructed Among Lush Green Plants To Produce Fresh Air Circulation

Beautiful View Will Be Produced When The Night Come And Interior Anton House Design Will Shine Surround The Home

Beautiful Swimming Pool In The Backyard Give Fresh Nuance To The Anton House And Increase The Elegance Of Room Interior Design

Beautiful Light Lamp From Inside The Home Will Show The Elegance Of Anton House Room Interior Design

Beautiful Combination Of Blue Water Modern House And Blue Sky Panorama Make Amazing Nuance In The Home Exterior Design

Amazing Architect Use His Creativity To Create Fantastic Anton House Interior Design That Can Enjoy The Panorama From Many Direction

Image By : Javier de Antón Freile

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