Affordable Modern Prefabricated Home With Concrete And Glass Structures

Stylish Modern Skyline House With Pretty Garden Landscape Dark Metallic Fence Square Stone Path Glass Wall Nice Ornamental Plants

Affordable Modern Prefabricated Home With Concrete And Glass Structures

Home lovers, here is one of the modern home design buildings that you can take as an affordable prefabricated homes. The house has modern home located in Austin, Texas. We usually call this house as the Skyline House. This house was created by Dick Clark Architecture. It is a kind of the two-story house in open plan living spaces.

We can see how great the image below. The modern home design plans are structured based on the combination of concrete, glass and prefabricated materials. The facades of the house are made in open plan. This house also has natural courtyard.

The porch is stated as lounge spaces with white sofas facing to simple square table and two chairs. They are applied under the skylights. From this place, we can enjoy how wonderful the sight of the building. It can be seen because the building is located in higher place as the foothill side building.

The beautiful interior decoration that is applied in this house includes gorgeous shades. The floor is structured in grey flooring with white and brown wall and ceiling. The room is made in spacious area. As we see in living room, there are L-shaped brown leather sofas with pillows. They are placed facing to big simple table.

The additional is the existence of patterned bench, two simple chairs and some coffee table as placing some goods. Next to the other room, they are seated as dining area and kitchen. The kitchen is stylized in gorgeous by accomplishing white counter with stainless steel countertop. There is also a set of the sink placement.

Well, in this case, we have several ideas how to make our living space better. The buildings are various and they will depend on the situation in this article. The unique oak designs and they are welcomed as well. The modern home interior and exterior design that can be the best inspiring ideas.

Stunning Skyline House In Modern Architecture White Couches And Glass Coffee Table At Patio Large Swimming Pool

Sparkling Pendant Lights Above Wood Dining Table And Dark Chairs Dark Bed Sofa Glass Door Stone Wall In Skyline House

Shiny Outdoor Lights Nice Ornamental Plants In Modern Minimalist Garden Beautiful Town Overlooking In Skyline House

Sensational Panorama From Classy Bedroom In Skyline House Egg Puffs Modern Bed Sleek Concrete Floor Shiny Table Lamps

Impressive Modern Style Skyline House Square Stone Path And Ornamental Plants In Concrete Planter Glass Wall

Imposing Open Plan Interior In Skyline House White Couch And Metallic Chairs At Patio Outdoor Fireplace

Gorgeous Skyline House With Geometric Wall Stylish Modern Glass Door Square Stone Path Precious Ornamental Plants

Glossy Dark Kitchen Cabinet And Soft Kitchen Backsplash Light In Skyline House Dark Stone Floor Metallic White Kitchen Island And White Bar Stools

Glaring Pendant Lights Rectangular Mirror White Marble Wall Round White Bathtub In Skyline House Lacquered Wood Bathroom Vanity With Marble Sink

Futuristic Skyline House Cushy White Couch Glass Coffee Table Shady Greenery Dark Metallic Fence Wood Floor Open Plan Living Room

Dazzling Ceiling Lights Sectional Sofa Round Metallic Side Table Rectangular Wood Dining Table Minimalist Kitchen Island In Skyline House

Cushy Skyline House Interior With Rectangular Desk Wood Bench Cushy Lounge Chair Fake Flower On Wood Table Cube Wood Bookcase

Cozy Bedroom With Low Profile Bed Shiny Table Lamps On Box Bedside Tables Dark Stone Floor Sliding Glass Door Ornamental Plants In Garden

Classy Skyline House Interior With Glaring Outdoor Lights Sectional Sofa And Dark Coffee Table Pendant Lights Above Lacquered Wood Dining Table

Amazing Skyline House Interior Dark Pendant Light Above Wood Dining Table And Dark Chairs Grey Sofa Modern Gas Fireplace

Image By : Dick Clark Architecture

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