Modern Minimalist Cottage Plans With Dream House Style Of Cloud Street Residence

Vibrant Light Green And Red Accent Displayed On Cloud Street Residence By AWA Facade Art To Hit The Grey Scheme

Modern Minimalist Cottage Plans With Dream House Style Of Cloud Street Residence

Cottage decoration design can be made modernly by applying minimalist cottage plans that are modified modernly to design house building. Related to this design, dream house style is used well to create simple house living to look more interesting and modern.

This cottage house style is practiced well in Cloud Street Residence project which modern house decoration becomes special feature that is developed perfectly. Gray exterior wall design actually will be able to create modern house exterior appearance made in this project.

Wooden material construction will look more elegant to be designed by using modern color decoration that are arranged beautifully to modify house exterior building. Green main entrance that is place simply to design house building dominated by gray color design actually will be able to create beautiful exterior decoration. It looks so artistic to be combined with gray color feature dominating wall construction surrounding. It is such a concept of minimalist cabin plans that are modified in a modern style.

Simple red chair that has stylish model is also placed in front of house which it can be used well as comfortable chair that can be used well to relax. It will become innovative design plan of exterior furniture application that is made in a stylish impression. In addition, white wooden construction is also used well to design window of house building. Actually it will be able to create elegant glass window that has stylish glass window model made simply.

Transparent wooden construction that is used well to design glass window is functioned as a window cover so sunlight does not come directly to a house interior space. It will keep house interior condition to be still in a comfortable impression.

Besides, it is also as stylish exterior decoration that will make house exterior design to look more elegant, stylish and artistic. On the other hand, house interior space in this project is made warmly by using perfect wooden material decoration. It is as minimalist cottage that is modified modernly.

Stunning Raised Deck Of Cloud Street Residence By AWA Seen With Open Hardscape And Fresh Bamboo Trees Edging

Neat Cloud Street Residence By AWA Kitchen Idea Arranged In Semi Parallel Setting With Small Black White Island

Minimalist White And Brown Themed Cloud Street Residence By AWA Dining Room Connected With Living Room

Interesting Red Butterfly Chairs Put In Cloud Street Residence By AWA Raised Deck In Backyard With Neat Planters

Eye Catching Grey Themed Cloud Street Residence By AWA Facade Seen From Street Side With Green Door Panel

Comfortable Cloud Street Residence By AWA Dining Room Interior Furnished With Wooden Table And Chairs Set

Colorful Cloud Street Residence By AWA Living Room Interior With Big Painting And Collectible Books On Black Bookcase

Cheerful Appearance Of Cloud Street Residence By AWA Interior With Neat Wall Arts Attached On Wall With Cabinetry

Amazing Dark Grey Themed Cloud Street Residence By AWA Building Displaying Lime Green And Red On The Chairs

Image By : Ana Williamson Architect

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