Charming Modern Japanese House With Luminous Wooden Structure

Stunning Home Interior Decor Of A Japanese Home Style Including Wood Panel Room With Sliding Glass Doors On The Front Wall

Charming Modern Japanese House With Luminous Wooden Structure

When looking at the modern Japanese house that will be reviewed in this article, you may take some ideas of it. Design of this house relates to the Japanese Culture. In this case, the construction of the building will acquire the existence of the wooden materials. The luminous wooden materials can be in the building structure and also furniture decoration. By seeing the design, we can really get the charming look and comfortable living space of a house.

Here are following the designs that are included with the details. As we see, the structure of this modern Japanese house design includes the wooden floor, wall and also ceiling design. The ceiling is various with the striped ceiling and also opened ceiling design.

The first entrance door, we have the design in cutting edge with glass wall decoration. This is the living room with TV set attached to the wall side. At the other room, we will see the spacious living room with some sliding wooden doors. The room is situated with no furniture. They only make it as spacious. The great round chandelier makes the room enchanting.

The next photo is dealing with the further room after the spacious room area. They are designed in lower place. There is a visual room with brown rug to be base of the simple wooden table with some stuff sets. It is designed as simple.

The attractive shade of the room lies on the wall designs that are various. They will be in the brick wooden material, transparent acrylic wooden combination, and also the perforated board. If we look at the ceiling design, it is designed as false ceiling with plaid beams and rams.

Well, related to the design of this Japanese style, what is your opinion? Although this modern house design looks as simple, the nuance of the house will be so charming. Moreover, they apply brown wooden materials as dominant.

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