Creative Glass Facade Of Unconventional Contemporary House Appearance

Warm View By Kitchen Table Design With Wooden Table And Chairs Under The Pendant Lamps At The Zochental Residence

Creative Glass Facade Of Unconventional Contemporary House Appearance

It is a contemporary house design which employs creative glass wall for the hyaline scene of the exterior of this warm living cave. White concrete seems to be the frames of the transparent rectangular glass installation. You can see the interior clearly from the outside since the wall is so visible supported by the lighting inside. The open air space has the wooden floor completing the minimalist style of this Liebel Architekten BDA.

Wide sliding door lets you to explore the pretty interior design of the inner spaces of the modern building. Fine polished wooden floor greets every stepping foot in the living room. This timber assembly enhances the glass wall design ideas to contrast the light and transparent scene. Glass installation is so perfect for this home to let the green view outside coming in every space of this building.

This contemporary home is completed with the modern kitchen set in sleek countertop design of the furniture. Glass scene makes the cooking space setting more perfect with the natural lighting and sight of the green yard. An elegant dining furniture set fills the wooden dining space by the stylish side chairs design and the bold rectangular wooden table in the middle. You may have a nice meal within the wide glass surrounding.

Creating more spacious room space is the prominent idea for installing the glass as the wall of one of the home sides. To reduce the green-house effect of this architectural setting, it is important to get the direction of the sun and set the home energy maintains. This house also has the Eco-sustainable idea for the solar panels giving the electricity support. It is suitable for this home design. This modern installation can be applied also in glass block walls in any Eco sustainable house architecture.

Nice Stairwell Design In Zochental Residence Connected The Glass Door Design Which Can Giving Fresh By The Planters

Breathtaking View By Zochental Residence In The Left Side Showing Glass Wall And Door Design With Trees Standing The Front Of House

Great Building Design With White Color And The Planters Were Accompanied In The Zochental Residence Area

Gravy Building Design Ideas With Glass Wall And Wooden Floor In Zochental Residence That Green Yard Add Nice The Area

Distinct View By Kitchen Room Design With Glass Wall And Door That Showing Outside View By Planters At The Zochental Residence

Cool Wooden Stair Design In Zochental Residence That Connected The Kitchen Table Area And White Wall Add Nice The Wall

Clean View By The Kitchen Room With Smoky Place In The Zochental Residence That White Wall Add More Nice In The Area

Appealing Wooden Floor Design Ideas With Glass Door Design Showing Outside View At The Zochental Residence

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