Stunning Modern Home Design With Concrete Walls And Glass Materials

Unique Shaped M House In Singera Design Installed With White Black Painting And Green Turfs Beautified With Decorative Stones

Stunning Modern Home Design With Concrete Walls And Glass Materials

The design architecture of stunning modern home is developed through the time. In this era, many people want a modern style for their house. M house that was designed by Marcel Luchian also has this kind of house style. The remarkable modern house project itself is located in Singera, in Chisinau, in Republic of Moldova.

This house has a wide yard with various of yard decorations. This modern home design consists of two floors. The first floor has black outer wall color while the second floor is painted in white. Concrete becomes the main material for the building, but glass is also used to make the house looks shining and modern view.

Outside the house, at the yard, there is amazing swimming pool area in modern design. This area is constructed in thick concrete design. There are also lounge chairs to enjoy the weather there. A fire spot is also designed here to give warmth for the residents.

As we look closer and get into the house, the interior of the house is designed in black and white too. Living room is decorated in white sofa set and white carpet on the black flooring. TV is located near the simple but modern fireplace.

At the other side, there is white simple kitchen with two stools. As we go to the bedroom, this room is designed in black and beige color. Glass windows in wide design is decorated the room. This windows is also completed by the long subtle beige curtain.

Wide bookshelf is available to put many kind of books while abstract painting adds the artistic touch. Bathroom is built in the similar concept of the bedroom in modern style. Glass is used at many corners too. Upper balcony is designed near this bedroom to enjoy the outdoor weather. The modern home design ideas here are so amazing views.

Simple White Gray Island For Kitchen In The M House In Singera Beautified With White Plant Vase And Iron Stools

Outstanding Unique Shaped M House In Singera With White Modern Wall Beautified With Wall Lights On Marble Floor

Mesmerizing White Three Beside Swimming Pool In M House In Singera Beautified With Decorative Stone Near The Pool

Marvelous Tufted Sofas And Tufted Single Chairs For Dining Room In M House Installed Near White Ladder And Glass Railing

Inspiring Tiled Patterned Wall Beside Staircase For Empty Space And Small Hole On The Roof In The M House In Singera

Free Shipping Black Single Chair Installed With Black White Curved Arch Lamp For Bedroom In The M House In Singera

Fascinating Black Bed And Black Duvet Cover With White Black Open Cabinets For Bedroom In The M House In Singera

Cool Glass Windows And White Perforated Single Chair Installed With Arch Lamp For Bedroom In M House In Singera

Captivating White Tufted Chairs For Dining Room And Glass Dining Table Completed With Cream Fur Rug Under The Desk In M House In Singera

Attractive Free Shaped White Vanity And White Counter Top And Iron Faucet For Bathroom In The M House In Singera

Artistic M House In Singera With White Painted Wall On The Top And Black Painting On Deck Completed With Big Glasses Windows

Appealing Decorative Swimming Pool Installed With White Lounge And Black Iron Perforated Lounge On The Marble Floor In M House In Singera

Amazing Decorative Bedroom In M House In Singera Involved Wooden Open Cabinets And Dark Arch Lamp With White Transparent Drapes

Image By : Marcel Luchian Studio

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