13 Modern Asian Living Room With Artistic Wall Art And Wooden Floor Decorations

Wonderful Vu Khoi White And Brown Bedroom With Ballerinas On Walls Finished In Modern Decoration Ideas Inspiration

13 Modern Asian Living Room With Artistic Wall Art And Wooden Floor Decorations

Vu Khoi, a 3D designer, has created modern living room with typical Vietnamese designs and wooden floor decorations. Sometimes we think that beautiful wooden floor is a kind of ordinary room type with solid wall and modern decorations. But this designer inspires us with the combination of woods as the floor and many kinds of artistic touches inside. With these decorations ideas, you can apply them not only for a living room, but also bedroom, lounge and even a bathroom.

The first creation is a elegant living room with open concept to a dining room and kitchen space. With its wooden floor living room designs, this room looks warm and homey. The designer installs wooden panels on the wall as the television and air conditioner backsplash. There are peach sectional sofa and armchair above the nature pattern rug. With a glass and wooden table, they face a white desk with wooden drawers to place a television.

There is a kitchen beside the living room. This kitchen has the same shady lighting as the other space, but the designer adds several tube hanging lamps as the decorations that also shine the area brightly. White countertop with wall shelves separates the kitchen and the living room with modern ivory stools stand around the countertop. On the opposite side, there is a dining space with narrow table and cushions for a relax dining while sitting on the floor. Artistic ornaments on the crafted shelves support the Asian look inside.

If you are interested to fill your stylish living room with brighter and natural nuance, you can combine the wooden floor with pastel turquoise tone as the wall paint and rug. Combine with ivory sectional sofas and wooden desk or shelves will be great. Hang some natural paintings on the wall or place ornamental plants on several sides will improve the homey feeling. By these wooden floor living room ideas, you can have a natural living without make it look rustic.

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