Stylish Minimalist Home Interior And Exterior With Bewitching White Paint Colors

Surprising Red Chair Placed Inside House Amitzi Architects Living Room With Grey Sofa And White Table

Stylish Minimalist Home Interior And Exterior With Bewitching White Paint Colors

For those who design the minimalist white home decoration as main decoration for both exterior and interior design, House L can be the perfect example. In addition, the white exterior wall really looks so enchanting with glass panel installed as main panel. In exterior lawn, the green lawn is planted in small flowerbed. In addition, the front porch is decorated with wooden floor as main floor installation.

With the greatest design of the Amitzi Arhictects, the interior is so minimalist because the wooden furnishings are applied. The kitchen island that is decorated with wooden shelves and book collection really looks so great with marble tiles for the countertop. In addition, the kitchen backsplash is decorated with grey tiles so that it looks so classy. The white home decoration really fits the small decoration of the house. For the interior lamp installation, the interior is so classy because the lamp illuminates the brightest light.

The small table made of cedar wood also looks so enchanting because the glass window is covered with transparent design. For the design lamp that is decorated with transparent shade really fits the interior of the house. In addition, the floor installation looks so bright because the shade is designed in peach color. For the kitchen cabinet, designing it with sliding model, the interior becomes more adorable. The wall lamps that are designed with red lampshade, the living room looks so perfect. The red lounge chair is made from suede material with aluminum structure, the interior of the house is so magnificent.

For the marble tiles that are installed as main decoration, the interior is so classy. In addition, the bookshelves are painted in white color with porcelain furnishings. With elegant black sofa installed as main furniture in the family room, the minimalist interior design for white home architecture is so classy.

Living Room With Modern Window Installed Next To Wall Mount TV To Stud On Wall

Minimalist House Amitzi Architects L Shaped Abundant Desk And Green Swivel Chairs For Working At Home

Inviting House Amitzi Architects Dining Room With Grey Table White Chairs And Orange Pendant Above It

Eye Catching Yellow Painted House Amitzi Architects Center Wall Of Master Bedroom With Mirror And Bed

Cool House Amitzi Architects Interior Involving Open Kitchen With Bookcase On Island And Dining Room

Contemporary White Painted House Amitzi Architects Entrance Deck With Stairs Seen From Walking Way

Comfortable White House Amitzi Architects Living Room Furnished With Grey Sectional Sofa And Table

Cheerful House Amitzi Architects Kids Bedroom With Single Storage Bed And Connected Desk With Storage

Adorable Ventilation Installed On White Wall Of House Amitzi Architects Unitary Room With Dining Room

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