Luxury Penthouse Apartment In San Francisco With Sophisticated Accents

Wonderful Lavish Ludwig Penthouse With Traditional Wooden Decoration Idea And Stylish White Sofa With Chaise Lounge

Luxury Penthouse Apartment In San Francisco With Sophisticated Accents

If you are one of the people who adore contemporary interior design, you must have a look at the Ludwig Penthouse. This luxurious modern apartments was designed by Craig Steely Architecture is situated in San Fransisco, California. This creative designer has completed amazing interior design with all elegant in it. Are you interested to see the sophisticated house in every single room? Let us see some of them and you have to be ready to adore its modern interior design.

The architect of this house is mainly focusing the contemporary interior design styles to decorate the house. Let us start the tour to this house. Starting from the living room, you can see the domination of wooden decoration. The living room is featured by laminate floor. It is also featured by some wooden furniture like wooden rack, wooden TV table, and so on.

The luxurious living room is surrounded by the large glass windows. The choice of cozy glass materials is beneficial since it can allow the natural daylight to come into the house then lighten up the house. The use of glass material can also trap the sun heat. Combining with the elegant wooden material, it can create warmth and cozy atmosphere to the room.

One that can attract the eyes here is the decorative wall in one spot in this house. The wall is decorated like it is made of stones. It is so unique but it can create elegant to the room. Do you want to see the bathroom? Let us move to the bathroom. Well, it can be said that it is luxurious bathroom with the combination of wood and glass material. Here, your feet will step the hardwood floor. Then you will see wooden table sink. This luxurious bathroom offers coziness inside.

Stunning Bedroom With Porcelain White Bathtub Side By Side With Shower Room Equipped Lavish Ludwig Penthouse With Wooden Vanity Desk

Fashionable Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Inside Lavish Ludwig Penthouse With Rounded Dining Table And Fiberglass Chair Set

Cool Bathroom Set With Floating Dresser With Large Mirror Enliven Lavish Ludwig Penthouse With Frosted Shower Room

Charming Lavish Ludwig Penthouse Interior Decor With Stylish Wooden Bar And Black Shelf On Blond Wooden Floor

Captivating Lavish Ludwig Penthouse Bathroom With Large Mirror And Oak Cabinet With White Marble Countertop And Metal Sink

Amazing Stone Wall Decorate Lavish Ludwig Penthouse Long Hall With Pure White Wall And Ceiling Combination

Adorable Space Inside Lavish Ludwig Penthouse With Modern Furnishing And Stylized With Wooden Shelf With Wooden Racks

After seeing some parts of this house, you can surely conclude that the house’s interior design is elegant. All the luxury coming from the exquisite furniture will give you comfort to live in this house. This house has contemporary interior design ideas that can inspire everyone.

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