Luxurious Vacation Home With Stunning Glass Paneling And Infinity Pools

Stylish Casa Villa De Loreto Living Room Interior With Wooden Deck Covered By Fur Rug And Sofa Set With Lounge

Luxurious Vacation Home With Stunning Glass Paneling And Infinity Pools

Well, in this opportunity, we will serve you an article with a topic of a luxurious vacation villa. You shall find the project in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Group Volta designed this project named Casa Villa de Loreto. There are images going to be found in this article. You shall read the descriptions as well.

In the first image, you can see the uniqueness of the vacation villa. The front part of the building is something that can make you fascinated. There is a curved panel of the villa with amusing roof that was designed with beautiful Asian style. Here you can find the pillars are also aslant.

In the second picture, you are facing a large grassy field with some gorgeous trees and plants. You know, the building part seen here looks stunning with glass paneling applied as the building design. See also unique villa design.

In the third image, you shall find the same building part which is seen from closer distance. Look at the building here. This is a phenomenal one with unique and glorious design. There is a dried tree available architecturally on the grassy field. You can also see some chairs on the terrace. Well, the fourth image shows you about a spot near with the terrace. You can see the room with glass paneling here. There are some fantastic pendants available.

In the fifth one, it is about a similar spot to the previous image. From here, you can see the wooden floor applied here. There is a nice tree available as well. In the last image, here you can see a space with grassy spot. There are some nice pots located on a place with white wall. Look at the dried tree on the grassy area here. There two lamps available. Browse also modern unique villa design later on.

Simple Casa Villa De Loreto Master Bedroom Idea With Double Bed Frame Connected With Nightstands And Cabinet

Open Plan Casa Villa De Loreto Living Room Interior Designed In Double Height Concept With Black Chairs And Table

Monochromatic Themed Casa Villa De Loreto Pool Side Appearance With Greenery And Deck Surrounding The Pool

Modern White Painted Double Height Casa Villa De Loreto Building Designed With High Cantilever And Volume

Marvelous Double Height Casa Villa De Loreto Building Enhanced With Transparency To Display Large Home Interior

Incredible Casa Villa De Loreto Facade View Seen From Street Side Showing Amazing Open Garage Plan For Cars

Fresh Green Manicured Lawn Growing Naturally To Maximize Casa Villa De Loreto Outdoor Space With Swimming Pool

Elegant Casa Villa De Loreto Dining Space Interior Painted In White Enhanced With Glass Buffet And Additional Chairs

Comfortable Casa Villa De Loreto Dining Room Furnished With Glass Dining Table And Chairs For Ten With Pendants

Chic White Themed Casa Villa De Loreto Living Room Furnished With White Sofa Black Chairs And Dark Table

Beautiful Green Lawn As Like Rug Outside Of Casa Villa De Loreto To Match With Deck And White Concrete Wall

Awesome Casa Villa De Loreto Architecture Painted In White With Transparency Seen From Green Manicured Lawn

Image By : Grupo Volta

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