Luminous And Shining House With Contemporary Yet Balanced Color Palette

Wonderful Decorative Bathroom Without Bath Up With Black Lounge In Front Of It Installed In Chalet Lagunen Residence

Luminous And Shining House With Contemporary Yet Balanced Color Palette

Shining and luminous house with white wood has been popular since very long time ago. It never gets too old and can catch up with the development of architectural house model. Mats Edlund & Henrietta Palmer created this kind of house that has located in Hudiksvall, Sweden. The perfect house project is called the Chalet Lagunen is surrounded by a fresh lush forest. This building becomes the part of Hölick Sea Resort. The house environment is filled with the green vegetation and natural tall trees.

As the weather is often to get too cold, the architect was planning to make a house which able to give warmth for the residents. The house has unique design we can see from the outer side. The roof is sloping but with unusual shape because the slope is not symmetrical like the common house. The outer wall is made of wood in brown paint colors. Glass construction completes this white wood house. Glass windows are framed with the white beams too.

Terrace of the house is also designed in wood material. Wood really dominates the decoration of the whole house. On this terrace, there is a set of table and chairs which are provided to let the residents enjoy the fresh outdoor weather. As we get into the house, the interior is designed in bright white color. Still in wood decoration, the architect gives different design concept, which is in white color of wood materials.

Living room is so shining. The wall and flooring are in white color. Windows are completed with white long subtle curtain. Sofa and its table are white too, but there are also brown single chairs to complete the decoration.

Black and small but modern fireplace is located at the center of the room. Some furniture are in brown wooden material. Hanging lamps also turn the room into the stylish one. The design of white house wood floors here is really bright and shining in white decoration.

Terrific White Black Tiled Wall Of Bathroom In Chalet Lagunen Residence Completed With Washing Machine And Wooden Open Cabinets

Stylish Black Arch Lamp Near The Green Carpet In Chalet Lagunen Residence Beautified With Decorative Brown Single Chair

Stunning White Duvet Cover For Double Bed With White Gray Striped Pillow Cover For Bedroom In Chalet Lagunen Residence

Refreshing Green White Carpet In The Living Room Of Chalet Lagunen Residence With Decorative Single Chair And White Round Table

Outstanding True Story Chalet Lagunen Residence Floor Plans Displaying Dining Room Double Bedroom And Living Room

Interesting White Painting For Living Room Installed With Wooden Desk Set And White Sofas In Chalet Lagunen Residence

Inspiring Living Room Completed With Black Wall Lamp And Tulips Shaped Pendant Lamp Of Chalet Lagunen Residence

Fascinating Rattan Shaped Pendant Lamp Above The Wooden Desk And Double Long Chairs In Chalet Lagunen Residence

Fantastic Gold Arch Lamp In Living Room Of Chalet Lagunen Residence Completed With Transparent Drapes On White Glass Windows

Exciting Decorative Brown Chairs With Wooden Striped Desk And Wooden Vintage Bowl In Chalet Lagunen Residence

Cool Decorative Black Lamp And Rattan Shaped Pendant Lamp For Living Room In Chalet Lagunen Residence

Classic Wooden Desk And Black Wooden Single Chairs For Living Room Outside The House Of Chalet Lagunen Residence

Charming White Island And Curved Iron Faucet For Kitchen In Chalet Lagunen Residence Beautified With Decorative Basket

Beautiful Tulips Shaped White Pendant Lamp Above Wooden Round Desk With White Single Chairs In Chalet Lagunen Residence

Attractive White Wooden Striped Wall And White Sofas For Living Room In Chalet Lagunen Residence Beautified With White Round Desk

Artistic White Wooden Striped Wall And Ceiling In The Bedroom Of Chalet Lagunen Residence Involved Double Bed

Appealing Chalet Lagunen Residence Floor Plans From North Elevation And West Elevation Displaying The Large Of It

Amusing Chalet Lagunen Residence Floor Plans Displaying Activity From The Owner Of The House And The Main Hall

Amazing Chalet Lagunen Residence In The Middle Of Forest Surrounded Many Trees And Stone Patterned Floor Around It

Image By : Hölick Sea Resort

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