Luminous Private Beach House With Stylish And Chic Exotic Interiors

Stylish The Coral House On Grace Bay Dining Room Idea Furnished With Navy Chairs Surrounding Round Table

Luminous Private Beach House With Stylish And Chic Exotic Interiors

This house has exotic interior which really blends with the luminous private beach near the house. Do you looking for a escape place?. This stylish private residence can be your answer. You can see that the beautiful landscape and beautiful architecture can be the highlight of this place. The exterior design of the house is dominated in white color. Some of coconut trees around the house bring the tropical atmosphere here.

You can find this stunning house at the Turks & Caicos Islands, one of beautiful district in the British West Indies. You can call this house as The Coral House on Grace Bay. Actually you can rent this house for your vacation or just for your escape place. If you want spent your time alone, this place can be a perfect choice. You can rent guest cottage with its own private swimming pool and garden with exotic interior design which is really stunning.

The interior design of this house is dominated in white color, with classic and exotic furniture that brings the entire look of this house really elegant. This house is also completed with massive glass and massive window made of material of glass. That windows and the glass door supply natural light in to the house. If you want feel the beach breeze you can open the window and let the breeze in.

The living room in this house is furnished with single brown couch and one massive white sofa that has classic design. In front of the couch you will find rectangular coffee table made of material of wooden and glass that not only bring the classic look but also splash the room. The beautiful white flower on the vase brings the nature atmosphere that blends with the classic elegant furniture there. How do you think about exotic interior design ideas, do you like it?.

Refreshing Mediterranean Garden Concept Applied To Maximize The Coral House On Grace Bay Central Courtyard

Open The Coral House On Grace Bay Bedroom Idea Involving Four Poster Bed Idea Coupled With Skirted Chair

Nice The Coral House On Grace Bay Living Room Idea Integrating Brown Chair Ottoman And White Sofa With Pillows

Large The Coral House On Grace Bay Living Room Interior Enhanced With Star Shaped Pendants And Potted Greenery

Fabulous The Coral House On Grace Bay Master Bathroom Interior Involving Oval Bathtub And Skirted Glass Table

Eye Catching White The Coral House On Grace Bay Building Seen From Sea With White Sandy Ground And Palm Trees

Comfortable The Coral House On Grace Bay Formal Dining Room Idea Brightened By Antique Chandelier Above Table

Clear White View Of Beach Sand Found In Front Of The Coral House On Grace Bay Building With Lush Vegetation

Bright Themed The Coral House On Grace Bay Bedroom Idea Featured With Private Workspace And Seating Space

Awesome White Painted The Coral House On Grace Bay Master Bedroom Integrating Canopy Bed With Colorful Art

Amazing Sea View Enjoyed From The Coral House On Grace Bay Sun Room Area With A Couple Of Lounge With Table

Airy The Coral House On Grace Bay Living Room Interior Featured With Distressed Grand Piano With Lush Greenery

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