Amazing Floating Deck Concept For Luminous Modern House

Wonderful Wooden Accents Of Storrs Road Residence Displaying White Living Room Beside White Kitchen Island On Wood Floor

Amazing Floating Deck Concept For Luminous Modern House

Storrs Road Residence shows you the amazing concept of floating deck design as you can see from the picture. The creator of this project is Stewart Architects. Unfortunately, you only can see a single picture and you cannot see another picture that can explain the house interior and exterior side completely. But you do not have to be worry about it because you still can explore the luminous house from the single picture.

You can see one of many floating deck ideas from the architect. This home is completely built in the middle of woodland. The environment around the house looks amazing and natural. Look to the building and you will see a spacious living room that looks like a sun room or the dining room sets. Maybe you cannot see the room clearly or knowing the main function of the room, but you can focus to the building material. Now, you can see zinc ceiling for this building.

In another part of the home building, you can see sloping roof design in grey color. The thin pillars are made from painted metal material. As you can see from the picture, you will find wooden stepping to the terrace area. Now, you should have your focus to the main building. It has glass windows with yellow frames color. Right under the deck floor, you will find the firewood inside the vault. You can see the interior side of the building from afar.

Look up to the ceiling and you will see timber planks on the ceiling. It does not look match with the ceiling, but it is OK. White wall paints for the interior side makes the room looks bright. You do not need to turn on the lamp in the day due to glass windows. You also can see free-flow air circulation from the windows. You can add many floating deck design ideas for your reference including this building.

Terrific Dining Room With Wood Table And White Chairs Installed On Wood Glossy Floor Inside Storrs Road Residence With Pendant

Stunning White Pendant Above Kitchen Island And Wooden Dining Table Completed White Chairs Inside Storrs Road Residence

Simple Modular Pendant Light Above Kitchen Island On Wood Glossy Floor Installed In Storrs Road Residence With Wood Perforated Drapes

Refreshing Plants On Pot Installed In Empty Space Of Storrs Road Residence With Wooden Striped Floor Involved Wood Glass Door

Incredible Small Garden Installed On Fertile Lands Coupled With Small Pool Installed Outside Storrs Road Residence With Natural Scene

Glossy Wooden Floor Of Contemporary Bedroom Inside Storrs Road Residence Furnished Wood Side Table With Night Lamp

Glorious Gray Modular Outdoor Table And Perforated Chairs Installed On Wooden Striped Floor Outside Storrs Road Residence

Fabulous Decorative Side Table On Wooden Striped Floor Installed In Contemporary Bedroom Of Storrs Road Residence

Cool White Interior Design Of Contemporary Living Room Inside Storrs Road Residence Furnished With Light Sofa And Glass Table

Captivating White Living Room Coupled With White Kitchen Island Of Storrs Road Residence Installed On Wood Glossy Floor

Breathtaking Cool Blue Skies Atmosphere Coupled With Height Trees Outside Storrs Road Residence Involved Wood Glass Windows

Awesome Green Garden Installed Outside Storrs Road Residence With Assorted Plants And Trees Installed On It With Natural Scene

Attractive Wooden Striped Perforated Drapes Coupled With Wooden Deck Between Small Pool Outside Storrs Road Residence

Appealing Wooden Accents Of Storrs Road Residence Applied On Deck And Striped Drapes Beside Small Pool Outside House

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