Lavish Restaurant Design With Spacious Indoor-Outdoor Interplay

Wonderful SALA Restaurant In Phuket Which Facilitated With Modern Lounge Chairs And Large Canopy For Sunbathing

Lavish Restaurant Design With Spacious Indoor-Outdoor Interplay

In the matter of selecting a restaurant for their special occasion, modern people do not only focus on the cuisine, but they also focus on the spacious restaurant design. There are so many amazing restaurant settings that you can find out there and one of them is this SALA Restaurant.

This highly luxurious restaurant setting is the part of Six Senses Spa and Hotel and it is indeed able to provide you with very special dining event. This incredible restaurant setting is located in very beautiful location of Phuket, Thailand and it is also supported by such a beautiful landscaping design. Overall, this beautiful restaurant setting is perfect.

The restaurant design ideas that develop in this place are all about giving the guest luxurious dining experience. Well, of course this wonderful restaurant setting is supported with such a top class cuisine, but more importantly, it will able to become the perfect place for your special occasion.

In the matter of aesthetical point of view, this incredible restaurant setting is equipped with a highly luxurious furniture set and a beautiful space setting. The elegance of the furniture selection that use in this restaurant setting is one of many things that make this restaurant looks exclusive.

The space setting of this perfect restaurant setting is also the one that make this restaurant very special. Take a look at the outdoor part of this adorable restaurant setting. This space is clearly not only developed in order to be able to become the place of dining, but it is also developed to become the place to enjoy beautiful Phuket scenery.

The best thing of this gorgeous restaurant setting lies not in the luxury or the top class cuisine, but in its ability to become the space that able to maximally enjoy the exotic Phuket scenery. Restaurant design concept in Six Sense Hotel and Spa is indeed something that will able to become the space of your unforgettable dining event.

Spacious SALA Restaurant In Phuket Which Adorned With Fashionable Chair Designs And Simple Table With Circular Legs

Romantic SALA Restaurant In Phuket With Captivating Exterior Decoration That Combined With Fashionable Wooden Dining Set

Modern Bar Inside SALA Restaurant In Phuket Decorated With Elegant Wine Racks Under Elegant Black Ornamented Ceiling

Large Infinity Pool Beside SALA Restaurant In Phuket Naturally Decorate With Leafy Trees And Furnished With Outdoor Lamps

Enticing SALA Restaurant In Phuket Which Designed In Modern Concept And Completed With Wooden Bridge With Steel Baluster

Elegant SALA Restaurant In Phuket Decorated With Large Floral Ceiling Ornaments And Modern Cutlery Above The Modern Chair Set

Dramatic SALA Restaurant In Phuket With Leafy Trees Surrounding Which Furnished With Modern White Curved Sofa

Classy Candle Holders On SALA Restaurant In Phuket With Circular Stem Design Supported With Frosted Glass Holder Design

Beautiful Panorama Displayed From SALA Restaurant In Phuket With Modern Exterior Furniture Which Completed With Small Cushions

Attractive Roof Decoration On SALA Restaurant In Phuket With Pond And Pebbles Above The Modern Room Furniture

Amazing SALA Restaurant In Phuket With Waterfront Facilities And Furnished With Luxurious Long Bench With Glamour Ornaments On The Back

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