Impressive Home Office With Guest Bedroom And Glass Windows

Wonderful Architecture Of The Weaving Studio With Long Skylights And Grey Roof Near The Green Trees

Impressive Home Office With Guest Bedroom And Glass Windows

In general, home office is employed by those who like to work on top of the desk with all the papers. But this time, the house we are going to see is utilized as weaving studio. The idea was proposed by the client to support her hobby in weaving.

Therefore, the Prentiss Architects were trusted to build such house. This beautiful house is located near the shore of San Juan Island, Washington, USA. The design is made in a way that the visitors and residents could enjoy the beautiful coastal area scenery too.

The house employs flat roof with green grass on top of it. Several part of the roof is not planted. Instead, it is covered by transparent roof to allow the natural light inside the house. This home office ideas is covered by wooden materials in its outer part. The plan, however, comprises of a single story building. In this particular story, there would be a dye room, weaving studio, office, bathroom, sewing room, and guest bedroom.

Upon entering this studio, the visitors would directly be greeted by weaving machine. The weaving machine is made out of wooden floor. Therefore, the weaving studio employs laminated wooden floor to match the machine’s color. The weaving studio adapts transparent facade as provided by glass wall materials. The wall, however, is framed by stainless steel materials. The weaving studio is enlightened by several hanging lamps.

Weaving studio is the main part of this gallery. It, therefore, has two visible doors and one invisible sliding door. The door’s surrounding is covered by wooden slats. One door is colored in lime green. This gives you mark that the room behind this door is the dye room.

The invisible sliding door has a similar materials with the wall cover. Upon opening this hidden chamber, you would be able to find a guest bedroom. This home office ideas for small space also presents beautiful scenery for the guests.

Stunning Grey Sliding Door In The Weaving Studio Terrace With Wooden Floor And The Wooden Wall

Simple Interior Of The Weaving Studio With Wooden Floor And White Wall Near The Wide Glass Walls

Sensational View Of The Weaving Studio Facade With Wooden Wall And Glass Door Under The Flat Roof

Long Space Inside The Weaving Studio With Wood Equipment And Wooden Floor Under The Brown Ceiling

Interesting Wooden Wall And Glass Door In The Weaving Studio Facade With Flat Roof And Glass Windows

Gorgeous Green Panel Near The Hidden Wooden Sliding Room Inside Weaving Studio With The Wooden Floor

Fascinating Wooden Weaving Tools In The Weaving Studio With Wide Glass Walls And The Wooden Wall

Fabulous Facade View Of The Weaving Studio With Glass Door And Grey Pergola Near The Wooden Wall

Awesome Kitchen View Inside The Weaving Studio Seen From The Open Terrace With Wide Grey Pergola

Attractive Panoramic View Near The Weaving Studio With Wide Glass Walls And Wooden Floor Under White Ceiling

Appealing Green Grass In The Weaving Studio Roof Space Near The Grey Iron Roof And Wooden Wall

Image By : Prentiss Architects

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