20 Impressive Fireplace Mantel For Stunning Living Room Designs

Wonderful Fire Visualized By The Fireplace Mantel Under The Led TV Facing The Wooden Table Design Ideas

20 Impressive Fireplace Mantel For Stunning Living Room Designs

The existence of stunning fireplace mantels for designing a impressive fireplace should be in every style. Yeah, beside it becomes the supporting structure, it can be also a place to be stunning interior decoration. Based on the condition, here we are with several designs and details of the mantel of fireplace in the further review. The design will be depend on the size and also design of the fireplace itself.

Here are the pictures of the mantel as following. Stylizing fireplace mantel ideas in a home will lea the situation of the room more gorgeous. Such as here, the first designed is a design of contemporary living area in which the nuance is situated in full of pattern design.

The rug is in brown geometrical pattern and the decorations are in brown furniture and white standing lamp. When looking at the fireplace, they also utilize the space to be gorgeous decorations. It comes with the small fireplace with creamy mantel of fireplace. Above the fireplace, there is an ornament with crafted accessory.

Designing fireplace will also at once with the design of the mantel. The mantel of fireplace for next style in this article is the eclectic fireplace design it is actually deigned in neutral color palettes. The frame is irregular shaping in curving style.

Above the fireplace, there is a small board as shelf to put some candles and flower. There is also a nice wall painting that is applied as well. The existence of gorgeous chandelier made of wrought iron can also decorate the neutral white fireplace as astonishing fireplace design.

Now, let’s see the other design and details of the mantel of fireplace. The designs are available for looking of some ideas. By accomplishing the design to be astonishing, we should make it as proper with the decoration and application. Hence, the fireplace mantel designs ideas can be one of the ways in decorating the room based on fireplace.

Warm Fireplace Mantel Area With Chair Beside The Wooden Table And The Candles Light Giving Bright The Area

Traditional Living Room Design With Wooden Table Beside The Fireplace Mantel In Black Color Decor

Soft Living Room View With The Fireplace Mantel Beside The Sofas Facing The Wooden Table Decor

Nice Dining Room View With Wooden Table Feat Chairs Also That Fireplace Mantel Showing The Fire

Modern Family Room Design With Sofas Facing The Glass Table And The Bold Curtains Opened That Giving Bright By The Sun

Magnificent Fireplace Mantel Design Beside The Chair And Pillows Facing The Cups On The Floor Area

Imposing Wooden Table Under Candles Light That Fireplace Mantel Facing The Flowers Completed The Decor

Great Fireplace Mantel That Turn On Between Cupboard And Wood Cupboard Under The Mirror Design

Gravy Traditional Living Room With Fireplace Mantel Facing The Bird Sculpture In The Table Design Ideas

Good Fireplace Mantel In The Natural Living Room With Glass Table And Candles Light Above The Fireplace Mantel Decor

Fly Living Room Design With Magenta Chair Facing The Ottoman And The Fireplace Mantel Used Black Color Decor

Fascinating Bedroom Design With White Color That Facing The Wooden Sofas Beside The Fireplace Mantel Area

Fabulous Bedroom Design With Pillows Under The Fan And The Ottoman Beside The Fireplace Mantel Decor

Excellent Fireplace Mantel In The Natal Situation That Showing Lights Of Flowers Beside The Bold Curtains Decor

Dudley Living Room Design With Fireplace Mantel Facing The Sofas Facing Glass Table Beside The Wooden Cabinets Decor

Cute Living Room With The Red Wall Design That Fireplace Mantel In Black Color Design Ideas

Converting Living Room Design With Wooden Table In Black Color Facing Taupe Sofas Beside The Fireplace Mantel

Clear Living Room Design With Sofas And The Wooden Table Feat Flowers And Books Also Beside The Fireplace Mantel Decor

Clean View In The Fireplace Mantel With Wooden Cupboard In Brown Color That Lamp Turn On The Decor

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