Stunning Bedroom Decoration With Glow In The Dark Paint Colors

Wonderful Outer Space Themed Glow In The Dark Decal Installed On Center Part Of Home Bedroom For Teen Boy

Stunning Bedroom Decoration With Glow In The Dark Paint Colors

Using glow in the dark paint can create a stunning bedroom decoration that will make your kids stay happy in their fantastic bedroom ideas. This kind of paint will show its influence when the room is in a darkness. The painting can be their favorite character or maybe some other character that is funny and show happiness. This unique bedroom idea will make the kids love to sleep in their room since they will be accompanied by funny and delicate paintings.

This glow in the dark paint is one of the bedroom decor ideas that is suitable to be used in neutral colored walls and minimalist interior design. The walls that have neutral color, usually white, will strengthen the color of the glow in the dark paint colors. The use of minimalist furniture will spare a lot of space view for the kids to enjoy the paintings.

We can see on the picture that the painting of two cats that staring at the moon is located on the wide open wall that is not blocked by any furniture of another wall decoration. Glow in the dark paints cannot be seen in the room with ample light. Use that characteristic to create a surprising and stunning wall painting.

It is like the painting of the moon in the middle of a starry night that looks really splendid with its shooting star painting. That painting is beautifully combined with the painting of the two cats and the landscape in which they are sitting and staring into the open sky. The cats and the landscape are painted by ordinary painting so they can also become the wall decor on the daylight.

The painting of the starry night really filled the whole walls of the room. At the other corner of the room, there are also some paintings of cats that look like floating on the wall. That look is our impression if we see them in the middle of the daylight, but when the room is dark enough we can see that actually the cats are flying on the sky.

Even some of them hold a balloon while some other hold a cloud that act as a balloon. This surprising wall decoration can be used as bedroom decoration ideas for teenage girl needs but we need more consideration about the character on the paintings.

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