Futuristic Modern Beach House With Neutral Color Palettes For A Family Of Five

Wonderful Beach View And Ornamental Plants Fidar Beach House Interior Glass Door In Dark Frame Stainless Steel Shower Porcelain Washing Stand

Futuristic Modern Beach House With Neutral Color Palettes For A Family Of Five

There is a new modern beach house that is located in Fidar, Jbeil, Lebanon. The house is named as Fidar Beach House as a modern house. Raed Abillama Architects created his house as a family house that includes five rooms and up to the three guests.

It is a beach vacation residence that was completed by the architect in 2011. The location on the beach bank leads the situation to be wonderful. Yeah, by living in this house, we can enjoy the panoramic views of the beachfront.

Related to the design, please look at to the images. The modern beach house decor is structured based on modern materials such as granite, marbles, concrete, and glass combinations. The wall exterior design of this house is designed in white and creamy color accents.

It is a two-story house that is built in irregular shapes featuring some volume buildings united. The front side of this building is designed as lounge space. There is a great swimming pool in rectangular shape. At the end of the pool, there is a place of deck with some blue and white lounge seats. It’s really perfect place to enjoy the beach views.

The interior decoration of this beach house is designed in neutral color palettes. As we see in staircases, the staircases are made of neural concrete and wooden as the panels. The wall interior design is also stylized in different for each room.

There is wall art that is so artistic based on floral pattern in black and white. The furniture is also kind of futuristic furniture such as in the entertainment room. There are two black iconic chairs with small black coffee table. At the left and right side, there is a speaker with its setting equipment.

Yeah, when looking at these designs of this beach house, we can say that the building is so futuristic. They apply the artistic style in decorating the interior design. While the exterior design, it is designed in charming ideas. Based on this case, modern beach house decorating style will be really great idea for us in designing a beach house.

Solid Concrete Floor Modern Glass Wall In Dark Frame Futuristic Dark Chairs And Small Stool Sophisticated Sound System Fidar Beach House

Natural Garden Landscape With Rocks On Ornamental Plants Transparent Glass Wall Fidar Beach House In Modern Minimalist Architecture

Modern White Bed Red Acrylic Chairs Glass Door In Dark Frame Concrete Floor Appealing Beach View Fidar Beach House

Innovative Fidar Beach House In Modern Minimalist Architecture Rectangular Glass Window Concrete Path Huge Rocks On Wide Yard

Freshening Grassy Yard And Ornamental Plants At Fidar Beach House In Modern Architecture Tough Stone Outdoor Wall

Fantastic Sunset And Ocean View Modern Infinity Pool With Shiny Pool Light Concrete Floor Leafy Shrubs On Wide Yard Fidar Beach House

Extraordinary Swimming Pool With Pool Light Fidar Beach House In Modern Minimalist Style Excellent Outdoor Furniture Sliding Glass Door

Extraordinary Beach Panorama And Shrubs On Wide Courtyard Solid Concrete Floor Excellent Infinity Pool Fidar Beach House

Exotic Wall Mural Concrete Floor Striped Puffs Futuristic Dark Sofa Eclectic Fidar Beach House Innovative Sideboard Dark Side Table

Excellent Fidar Beach House Rough Stone Outdoor Wall Ornamental Plants In Concrete Floor Small Outdoor Staircase

Cool Fidar Beach House In Modern Architecture Style Unusual Dark Sofa Antique Floor Lamps Concrete Floor Glass Wall Stone Wall

Contemporary Fidar Beach House With Large Swimming Pool Shady White Beach Parasols Glass Sliding Door Cushy Outdoor Sofa And Pillows

Attractive Beach And Sunset View Sparkling Outdoor Lights Transparent Glass Wall Dark Glove Chairs Sleek Dark Stool Fidar Beach House

Aesthetic Wall Mural Sleek Concrete Floor Unusual Black Sofa Modern Sound System Minimalist Glass Wall Fidar Beach House

Image By : Raed Abillama Architects

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