Fancy House Style In Fascinating Sporadic Color Scheme

Stunning Staircase Details Mounted Wall Bookshelf Ideas 12AP Project

Fancy House Style In Fascinating Sporadic Color Scheme

Designing house style should be together with considering the house color theme. The unique color application will make the house looks more stylish. Color combination makes this house livelier. For the inspiring ideas, take a look at the 12 AP project designed by Moon Design + Build. The modern house with colorful interior looks stunning in this design. Of course applying various colors for the interior is not easy. Some elements and color background need to be considered.

The gray interior wall is one of the color choices for this modern house style. It has the wooden shelves in contemporary design on it. It contains book and as the most practical storage. The house exterior applies white and wooden color as its color theme. The green plants contribute in giving the color accent to this house exterior. Wood is the basic structure of the working space. The books are well organized in the wooden shelves. The wooden desk in L shape makes this minimalist room has the maximum utilization.

The living room is furnished with the classy black leather sofa. The black table in sleek design is put in front of it. A glass vase with the soft colored fresh flowers creates the smooth color accent for this dark furniture. The children room is in colorful color theme. Pink is used for the storage and blue is for the wall paint. The bundled bed is set in this minimalist kid’s room.

Minimalist concept is still applied for the bathroom interior design. The basin is mounted and the closet, too. Dark grey is used as the bathroom wall paint. Colorful accent is found in the dining area. Orange floral shades are applied for the glass door and windows. The lighting makes this interior looks like in orange, too. House style color is very important since it determines the character of the house.

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