Extravagant Luxurious Interior Decoration Brings Warm And Cozy Nuance

Wonderful House With Relaxing Balcony Modern Compact Sofas Beautiful Flower On Side Table Natural Indoor Plant In Huge Pot Glass Wall

Extravagant Luxurious Interior Decoration Brings Warm And Cozy Nuance

This extravagant and luxurious interior applied for a private apartment is one of the NG-studio Sanremo’s projects. The architect intentionally wants to create a classy and elegant nuance to this dwelling space by applying the artistic home decor.

Therefore, it is not a strange thing that almost every people who look at this Art Decor Interior will amaze it so much. If you feel interested with this amazing apartment interior design, do not hesitate to observe it more and utilize it as the inspiration to decorate your own living space.

For the first observation, you will meet a warm room atmosphere by displaying the broken white tufted sofa and furnished with soft dark brown cushions made fabric. The golden round pendant lamp adorns the room so much and extends the romantic lighting effect.

Look at the table lamps that beautified with artistic carving on its foot. This home decor is perfect to decorate your modern residence in stunning way. The living room then displays a large LED TV with black frame in the middle of the wall that accentuates the luxurious interior design concept more.

You can watch the TV either on the bouncy sofa or soft seat with ergonomic backrest. Both of that furniture is a comfortable spot to have leisure even when you only want to lie down while enjoying your free time. The living hall is connected as well with the dining space and kitchenette.

Applying the same nuance, the architect tries to display the expensive wooden dining table painted in dark brown tone with the iron bar stools with white sitting. The dining desk itself is actually the kitchen island which has the multi-function using.

Fortunately, you can watch the television while you spend your food and drink as well from this space so your meal time will never get boring. The white fresh floral ornamentation then generates the fresh atmosphere to this space. These luxurious interior design ideas are really stunning and much recommended to be applied.

Splendid Wall Art In Luxurious Bedroom With Elegant Low Profile Bed Minimalist Bedside Tables Lovely Flower In Glossy Metallic Pot Cream Curtain

Sparkling Hidden Light And Gold Pendant Light In Lavish Kitchen Lacquered Wood Kitchen Bar Stylish Metallic Bar Stools

Sleek Marble Floor With Striped Wood Wall Panel Minimalist Wood Sideboard Shiny Hidden Light Sliding Glass Door Gold Ornament

Scenic Natural Flower In Glossy Metallic Pot Beautifying Luxurious Bedroom With Sleek Hardwood Wall Panel Cube Table Lamp

Luxurious Living Room With Cool White Tufted Sofas And Low Coffee Table Glamorous Gold Chandelier Sophisticated TV Lavish Table Lamps

Lovely Pallet Colors In Stunning Bedroom With Minimalist Wood Sideboard Gold Ornaments Shiny Hidden Light Sophisticated TV Fresh Flower

Lavish Interior With Ultimate TV Above Minimalist Sideboard Classic Chandelier And Hidden Light Wood Wall Panel White Sofas Box Coffee Table

Glamorous Spacious Closet With Minimalist White Cabinet And Shelves Stainless Steel Railing Sleek White Marble Floor Shiny LED Light

Fantastic Bedroom With Sleek Hardwood Wall Panel Sparkling Hidden Light And Table Lamps On Cube Bedside Tables Wall Mounted TV

Excellent Modern Bathroom With Minimalist White Bathroom Vanity Beautiful Flower In Dark Pot Rectangular Mirror Shiny Hidden Light

Elegant Gold Chandelier With Lacquered Wood Sideboard Glossy Dark Table Lamps Metallic Bar Stools Cozy Kitchen Bar Bright Hidden Light

Dazzling Gold Chandelier In Lavish Family Room With Cushy White Sofa Dark Coffee Table Sophisticated TV Lavish Table Lamps On Wood Sideboard

Beautiful Bedroom With Lovely Abstract Wall Art Shiny Table Lamp On Futuristic Bedside Table Sleek Silky Quilt Covering Modern Bed

Image By : NG-studio Sanremo

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