Enchanting Home Ideas With Dual Interior Design Full Of Personality

Wonderful Kitchen And Dining Space In The Brooklyn Studio With Long Counter And The Wooden Table

Enchanting Home Ideas With Dual Interior Design Full Of Personality

David Berridge Architect has amazingly formed very enchanting and elegant interior design ideas for a studio which belong to an artist in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, New York, USA. This modern and artistic interior was formed through the smart conversion of an old building which now demonstrate a very relaxing and comfy living space, along with an artistic work space.

In basic the design was very attractive and charming, it successfully shows the meaning of freedom in term of modern design. The coloring, furnishing, and even material choosing are very well-arranged in a deep and mature form. That would be good implementation also of interior design ideas for apartments, although this studio is not an apartment but still the design could be implemented for any owner who want to get an inspiration, for instance for their apartment or their penthouse.

Moreover, this studio was divided into two levels, with a very creative decoration every level could present a very precise figure. For the first level there are an elegant bedroom, a trendy work room, a very spacious and artistic studio and a lovely office. Then the second level consists of another modern bedroom, another chic work room, another very impressive studio, and also a contemporary kitchen. The strong accent here is wooden and brick through those some artistic brick walls, and captivating wooden ceilings.

To conclude, this studio really emerges as a very dynamic yet still elegant living space and work space. It also splendidly shows the modern design in a very bright form with some classic accents. Very intriguing for those who want to get new inspiration and still search references of interior design for their residence. It also could be one of the most promising interior design ideas for apartments living room illustration and along for another specific room such as bedroom and dinning room, since this studio design already represented the detail arrangement of those rooms.

Unique White Bookshelves As The Door In The Brooklyn Studio Bedroom With Wooden Nightstand And Iron Chairs

Small Brick Fireplace In The Brooklyn Studio Sitting Area With Fluffy Sofas And The Black Table

Perfect Floors Design Plan Of The Brooklyn Studio With Bedroom And Office Space Near The Wide Studio Space

Interesting View Of The Brooklyn Studio Interior With Dark Iron Bench And Cozy Sofas Near Wide Glass Walls

Fascinating Interior Of The Brooklyn Studio With Grey Concrete Floor And Wooden Ceiling Near Glass Walls

Fabulous Interior Of The Brooklyn Studio With Wooden Sofa And White Chair On The Grey Floor

Comfortable Brooklyn Studio Bedroom With The Brown Bed And White Shelves Near The Black Iron Chairs

Attractive Black Iron Benches And Black Table In The Brooklyn Studio With The Grey Concrete Floor

Appealing Tile Wall In The Brooklyn Studio Bathroom With Glossy Sink And Wide Mirror On White Wall

Amazing Open Bathroom In The Brooklyn Studio Bedroom With Long Wooden Dresser And White Tub Under Wooden Ceiling

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