Elegant And Vibrant Interior Design For Stunning Creative Brick House

Terrific Yellow Bookshelves On The White Painted Wall Inside Chevron Residence Installed Near White Dining Desk With Tufted Single Chairs

Elegant And Vibrant Interior Design For Stunning Creative Brick House

A house that presents a contrast color of its elegant interior and its exterior is displayed by this stunning house with stylish and vibrant interior that is situated in London, England. This vibrant modern house is a result of a renovation project that was designed by Andy Martin Architects under a Chevron House project.

Actually this house is a renovated home from a house with Edwardian style. The new look of the house can be seen mainly on its interior design while the exterior design of the house is generally still with its original form

This Edwardian house has a neat look of the house exterior that expose the materials that construct it. The brick wall delineate a solid and compact style of house exterior that does not use too much ornate to embellish its appearance.

The exterior look of the house simply applies a bold lining with the texture of the brick walls as its main view. This renovated home has successfully maintains its original exterior design that become a striking view among the house in its neighborhood while its interior also shows a striking vibrant interior design that can be seen from the outside.

The house has some house entrances that are decorated with white house facade. The house facades are mostly used white frame of folded doors and walls. These create blatant openings that maximize the connection between the interior and the exterior of the house.

Step inside the house, it is filled with a extravagant colors of interior design. The high contrast of color scheme applied inside the house creates a strict perspective of the room. It also makes the room become so magnificent with inundated vivid colors.

Let’s take the dining room as an example. The vivid and sharp colors bathed the dining area which is adjoined with kitchen area with red cardinal color. That kind of color is applied on its flooring color up to the kitchen cabinet and kitchen storage. Whereas the dining table uses bright green color that has grainy tone. The white tone of the wall enhances the look of this so vibrant interior design inside an old house.

Refreshing Green Brick Patterned Wall In The Bathroom Of Chevron Residence Furnished White Counter Top And White Water Closet

Prestigious Light Purple Walk In Closet With Iron Glass On It Installed On The Wooden Striped Floor Inside Chevron Residence

Mesmerizing Chevron Residence Beautified With Brick Patterned Wall Surrounded Small Plant In Hawthorn Of The House

Marvelous Green Bath Up And Wooden Cabinets Near Green Water Closet On The Tiled Glossy Floor In The Bathroom Chevron Residence

Luxury Purple Walk In Closet For Men With Many Locker On It Installed On The Wooden Striped Floor Inside The Chevron Residence

Interesting Green Light Red Island With Tufted Single Chairs And Iron Faucet On It Installed Inside Chevron Residence

Incredible Green Dining Desk With White Purple Decorative Single Chairs On The Light Red Floor In Chevron Residence

Free Vanity With Double Iron Faucet On The Yellow Tiled Patterned Wall And Floor In The Bathroom Of Chevron Residence

Fascinating Blue White Tiled Patterned Center Wall On The White Red Patterned Floor In The Bathroom Chevron Residence

Fantastic Empty Space Inside Chevron Residence Beautified With Wooden Single Chair And Wooden White Glass Windows On The Wall

Exciting Blue Modular Shaped Pendant Lamp Above White Dining Desk With Red Tufted Single Chairs Inside Chevron Residence

Excellent Chevron Residence Completed Original Yellow Bookshelves With Yellow Cabinets On The White Painted Wall And White Table Lamp On It

Charming White Blue Orange Yellow Pendant Lamp Hanging Near White Wooden Railing And Purple Carpet On The Floor Chevron Residence

Attractive White Red Decorative Single Chairs With Green Wooden Dining Desk On The Red Floor Inside Chevron Residence

Amazing Layout And Blue White Red Coloring The Bathroom Themes And White Ceiling Installed Inside Chevron Residence

Image By : Andy Martin Architects

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