Elegant Monochrome Interior Idea For Classy Home Design

Wonderful Room 407 Dining And Living Room Interior Painted In White With Dark Splash On Dining Chairs

Elegant Monochrome Interior Idea For Classy Home Design

Energy is needed by homeowner that can be done simply by applying idea of monochrome interior, even though this may take further consideration. PANDA has successfully made a great example in Tokyo, Japan, especially when the project is called as Room 407. Stark contrast of both elements bring balancing effect and of course tranquil look. Mainly, hallways and empty spaces are created from black wooden panels, both for flooring surface and ceiling part.

Check out this certain room of living room and dining space in the same white floor plan. The monochrome interior design applied here is about using white plush sofas and place them against white wall and white glass window.

Then, add gray stone table in front part, along with Arco floor lamp with its silver effect. Meanwhile in dining space, black table topped with glass surface is surrounded with leather chairs of silver legs and brown cushions. Hang minimalist lights on ceiling too.

The floor plan explained earlier has white flooring surface that is directly contrasted with black woods of floor next to this area. On the other side, as this floor plan is for entertainment zone both for enjoy time and eating, place white drawers used as bookshelf and additional storage ideas. For the entertainment aspect, just put television screen on top of those drawers, and then complete it with best sound system and even DVD player.

Bedroom also has white theme, which can be seen from white mattress arranged on top of black bed couch. Also put floor lamp of silver metallic stand, and then crystal lampshade is installed on top area. Frosted glass panels are used to make them as alternative window designs. Bathroom also applies the monochrome interior ideas, by using black wooden floor yet gets combined with white counter and shiny black sink.

Tiny Room 407 Bathroom Idea Painted In White And Black Furnished With Vanity And White Porcelain Sanitary

Long Room 407 Painted In White With Black Splash On Wall Floor And Ceiling And Some Items Like TV And Table

Large Black And White Painted Room 407 Interior Unitary Room Involving TV Room And Dining Space With Cabinet

Interesting Black And White Painted Room 407 Displaying White Living And Black Dining Room Idea With Curved Lamp

Gorgeous White Painted Room 407 Bedroom Interior With Double Bed Illuminated By Framed Windows With No Shade

Eye Catching Room 407 Master Bedroom Idea Painted In White With Dark Bed Frame Covered By White Cover

Comfortable Room 407 Master Bedroom Idea With Black Painted Bed Frame Illuminated By Unique Standing Lamp

Clever Room 407 Master Bedroom Storage Idea Involving Floor To Ceiling Cabinets And Wardrobe With Open Shelving

Clever Room 407 Hidden Kitchen Idea Covered By White Floor To Ceiling Divider Illuminated By Track Lamp

Chic White And Black Painted Room 407 Unitary Room Showing Home Office Living Dining And Cooking Room

Bright Themed Room 407 Unitary Room Illuminated By Track Lamp Mixed With Modern Curved Standing Lamp

Awesome Black And White Painted Room 407 Dining And Living Room Idea With Illusion Black Entryway Idea

Image By : PANDA

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