Elegant Modern Loft In Cubic Theme Interior

Nice Bathroom Design With White Tub And Towel Also Under The Lamp In Loft Cube Residence Decor

Elegant Modern Loft In Cubic Theme Interior

Fabio Fantolino presents a modern loft with the Loft Cube theme in minimalist and stylish interior design. Upon the rooftop of an apartment in Turin, Italy, this living cave front space gets the beautiful view of the city skyline. Clear glass wall seems to be the perfect face of this urban home. Box planters decorate the open air space with the green nuance. Couches and sitting area gives the seat for enjoying the city landscape with the sunlight and gentle breeze companion.

Get into the sitting room inside by the wide glass sliding door, modest design of white long corner sofa elegantly accommodates a nice seat by the glass wall surrounding. This space feels so expansive by the glass installation and the furniture design. It enlivens the modern loft ideas in this urban living. Aside of this white sofa, a long corner sofa is laid upon the base book shelf. The setting of the book shelf is maximizing the space occupation thus it senses the spacious sitting area.

The cubic nuance comes from the sharp and cornered manner of the space background and the style of the furniture. Look at behind the sitting room, the floating rectangular stairs leads to the second floor without any handrail. This upper floor has a small space of modern kitchen in white scene. The stainless countertop sustains the sleek skin of the base and mounted cabinets. The dining furniture set is so stylish and fashionable in simple design.

Move to the bedroom corner, the wall pattern supports the bed design by the same cube theme but different pattern and color. So does the bathroom, angled shape design invades the entire properties and furniture design, except the sink, it has the curve. Thus this loaf has the most up-to-date loft interior design ideas upon the city living.

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