Elegant Modern Family Retreat With Cozy Red Kitchen Colors

Traditional Two Floor Aptos Retreat Architecture Design With Neat Garden Setting Surrounding The Home Building

Elegant Modern Family Retreat With Cozy Red Kitchen Colors

Well, you will read a passage about a modern family retreat with wooden construction here. Studio CCS Architecture completed this stunning project. This project can be found in Aptos, California. In this article, you shall find some pictures about the project that will be described as well. You should read the descriptions and observe the images as well.

First, here you can see the building appearance that can be seen here. You can see that the modern house here looks so fantastic with some glamorous lamps that can be seen from this angle. Well, there are windows applied as the house design.

There is a lovely elegant pool available here. From the second picture, you can find that the house looks old with wooden constructions and because it is seen when the sun is shining at noon. However, when you look at the third picture, you can see the wood constructions. See also wooden retreat house.

The third one shows you about a building part that is seen from closer distance. Here you can see the wood surface applied as the paneling of building. Here you can see that the timbers were painted with some different colors. The coloring design looks irregular. Well, you can see wood is used so maximally here. In the fourth image here, you can see another part with unique design applied. Well, there is a terrace with some amusing wooden seats existing.

Fourth, here you can see the same place with different angle. From this angle, here you will be able to find an amazing scenic view here. Here you can see the pool with the umbrella seen as well. The last one is about a grassy field seen here. You know, there are two wooden chairs with amusing appearance. This area has a terrace with luxurious appearance. Browse wooden retreat house design as well.

Relaxing Green Field Added With Wooden Lounge Seen From Aptos Retreat Living Room With Wooden Coffee Table

Refreshing View Of Neighborhood Surrounding Aptos Retreat Building Seen From Wooden Terrace With Chairs

Perfect Setting Of Aptos Retreat Interior Displaying Wood Abundance Attached Over The Entire Part Of Home Building

Open Aptos Retreat Interior Seen From Outside Displaying Awesome Red I Shaped Kitchen Dining And Living Room

Modern Aptos Retreat Master Bathroom Connected With Deck Featured With Closed Shower And Triple Vanities

Inviting Two Floor Aptos Retreat Building Seen By Night With Dim Light Illuminating The Living Space And Landscape

Interesting Wood Plank Installation Painted In Colorful Scheme To Enhance Aptos Retreat Exterior Wall Near To Roof

Eye Catching Built In Wall Red I Shaped Kitchen Unit Coupled With Dark Island And Chairs For Aptos Retreat Interior

Elegant Reclaimed Wooden Peninsula Completed With Chairs Facing Aptos Retreat Red I Shaped Kitchen Idea In Open Plan

Cozy Aptos Retreat Living Room Interior Overlooking Green Field And Hill From Tufted Sectional Sofa With Fireplace

Comfortable Aptos Retreat Master Bedroom Idea Involving White Bedding Floating Nightstands On Headboard

Chic Aptos Retreat Garage Functions As Storage Space And Entertainment Room For Family With More Rooms Above

Cheerful Aptos Retreat Entertainment Room For Family With Pool Located Between Colorful Sofas With Pillows

Challenging Round Shaped Pathway Installed Neatly On The Ground To Enhance Aptos Retreat Exterior Landscape

Bright Aptos Retreat Building Designed With Awesome Green Manicured Turfs Facing Neat Herbal Garden For Family

Beautiful Maroon Themed Aptos Retreat Garage Idea Designed With Double Floor Setting And Large Door With Glass

Amazing Night View Of Green Hill From Aptos Retreat Deck And Landscaping Area Brightened By Ground Lamps

Image By : CCS Architecture

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