Elegant Modern Beach Home With Stunning Pacific Ocean View

Stunning Blue Swimming Pool In The Back Yard Of The Korovesi Home Completed With Wooden Railing Surrounding The Pool

Elegant Modern Beach Home With Stunning Pacific Ocean View

The unforgettable holiday of your big family in with a various needs can be accommodated in a modern big villa. That kind of stunning elegant villa can be found in near Savusavu, a town that is located in Fijan, Cakudrove province.

The Australian-based architectural firm, Madeleine Blanchfield Architects has undergone this villa project and resulted in a beautiful villa with huge shape situated in a slopped hill. This villa faces the Savusavu Bay. The stunning view of Pacific Ocean is offered by this villa.

The big villa design that has applied in this villa called Korovesi Villa is a remarkable result from Madeleine Balnchfield who is an award winning Australian architect. The villa design employs a wide balcony along the second story of the building.

On that balcony a huge number of s potted plants that give greenery accent to the exterior design of this villa building that has grey color scheme. The greenery touch is bridging the grey building with its vast lush green surrounding of grasses and also dense tropical woods.

The elegant wood element also furnished the house in a lot of spot. From the far outside, the brown wood gives another accent on the stunning window frame and the building poles. The wood also becomes an important material that adorns the house facade with its wooden walls and poles. There are also some wooden pergolas that beautifully got crept by the vines of clematis. The pergola also comes along with rustic light grey wooden planks flooring.

The inside look of this villa provide an airy room that also mostly incorporated with wooden element. There are a lot of furnished wooden furniture combined with wooden ceiling that shows its wooden ceiling beam. All of those wooden materials give particular wood texture and color that serve a nuance of warm. The high ceiling and airy room makes this tropical villa has cooler atmosphere. This villa has large bedroom, open kitchen, and big living area which can be one of your choices of perfect large villas to rent to enjoy your holiday with your big family or friends.

Interesting Wooden Striped Center Wall For Bedroom Of The Korovesi Home Completed With Wooden Bed And Ottomans

Inspiring Single Wooden Chairs With Wooden Dining Desk For Dining Room Of The Korovesi Home In Wooden Floor

Fascinating Dark Light Blue Atmosphere Combine With Green Plants Of The Light Blue Top Korovesi Home

Fantastic Wooden Striped False Ceiling From Korovesi Home Completed With Wooden Glass Windows And Artistic Desk

Exciting White Bath Up For Bathroom Of The Korovesi Home In Wooden Striped Floor Completed With Wooden

Classic Gray Wooden For Living Room For Korovesi Home Beautified With Wooden Striped Center Wall And Dark Gold Round Desk

Charming Stone Pots Near Swimming Pool Of The Korovesi Home Beautified With Seaside Views And Blue Atmosphere

Captivating Wooden Striped Ceiling And Wooden Striped Floor Of The Korovesi Home Completed With Small Turfs

Beautiful Living Room Near The Pool Completed With Wooden Lounge And Wooden Roof In The Korovesi Home

Awesome Wooden Striped Wall Of The Korovesi Home With Tiled Floor From Stone Completed With Wooden Roof

Appealing Dark Light Gray Painted Wall And Roof In The Korovesi Home Surrounded Palm Trees And Green Turfs

Amusing Korovesi Home With Green Palm Trees And Green Turfs Near With The House And Seaside

Amazing Skies Views From Korovesi Home Surrounded With Many Green Plants And Green Turfs Around The House

Image By : Madeleine Blanchfield Architects

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