Elegant Home Decorated With Artistic And Contemporary Living Spaces

Wide Studio Space Inside The Artist Residence With Wooden Desk And Hardwood Floor Under Wide Ceiling

Elegant Home Decorated With Artistic And Contemporary Living Spaces

Romantic side of human kind is seen through the artistic elegant home dedicated for wife of the late Roy Lichtenstein. It has great architecture with contemporary living spaces as additional element completing overall building designed by Caliper Studio.

Located in Greenwich Village, New York, USA, art studio is decorated with artwork in abundant amounts. People can see these items even in garden, standing on the green grass field. This brings also side effect in order not to make the area looks boring.

Building itself has natural stones and exposed bricks for exterior walls. There are lots of window areas arranged neatly like traditional house in the past. Then, artistic house design here is completed with wooden deck of light wood. Not only for deck area, but the wooden panels are also made into special curvy path leading to entryway even in rooftop. Provide light wood bench among potted plants for maximum refreshing ambiance while sitting on it.

Beautiful living room consists of white walls and ceiling in combination with false and pop ceiling styles. Framed picture is hung to wall and covered with glass surface. On cement flooring surface, people can set floating bench near window seat in bright green color choice, along with creamy cushions. Also arrange home office here, which includes tribal patterned armchairs with beautiful carvings of wooden legs. Long table in white finish is paired with comfy computer chair in brown leather.

Stairs are made from furnished wood in orange color nuance, and hence giving fresh look when combined with white painted walls. Black metal handrails are attached to wall and some of them are used as guardrails. Built glass skylight in curvy shape so natural sunlight can come in. The artistic home design is chosen from white bookshelves and drawers that filled with antique items, also books and any kinds of tools.

Unusual Floating Wooden Bench In The Artist Residence With Wide Glass Walls And The Concrete Floor

Unique Ornament In The Artist Residence Roof Space With The Wide Skylights And Green Grass Yard

Simple Home Office Inside The Artist Residence With Long Desk And Brown Swirly Chair On Concrete Floor

Sensational Dark Iron Details In The Artist Residence Terrace With Some Wooden Footings And Brick Wall

Natural Green Tree Near The Artist Residence Terrace With The Wooden Floor And Long Iron Fence

Minimalist Staircase In Artist Residence With Wooden Footings And Long Iron Handrail On White Brick Wall

Interesting Iron Footings Near The Artist Residence Entrance With Glass Door And White Wall Near It

Gorgeous Ornament In The Artist Residence Roof Space With Green Grass Yard Near The Brick Wall

Fascinating Interior Of The Artist Residence With Wooden Desk And Many Wooden Shelves On Wooden Floor

Fantastic Exterior View Of The Artist Residence With Brick Wall And Some Reflective Skylights Near It

Fabulous Iron Details Inside The Artist Residence With The Brown Wall And Glossy Ornaments On It

Cozy Bathroom In Artist Residence With Long Wooden Vanity And Grey Sink Near The Wooden Wall

Comfortable Green Grass Yard In The Artist Residence Roof Space With Unusual Ornaments And Concrete Staircase

Bright Light From The Outside Through The Wide Glass Walls In The Artist Residence Upper Side

Awesome Wooden Shelves In The Artist Residence Home Office With Long White Desk And Brown Swirly Chair

Appealing Details In The Artist Residence Staircase With Iron Handrail And Wooden Footings Near Brick Wall

Amazing Artist Residence Details With Wooden Wall And A Unique Iron Panel Beside The White Wall

Image By : Caliper Studio

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