Elegant Black And White House In London By Bureau De Change Design Office

Soft Ceiling Lights In Classic House With Modern Kitchen Island And Appliances Rustic Brick Wall White Laminate Flooring Glass Door

Elegant Black And White House In London By Bureau De Change Design Office

When looking at a black and white house that is located in London, UK, we will remind about HomeMade that was designed by Bureau de Change Design Office. This architect has envisioned this elegant home renovation in 2012 by combining white and black color accents as dominant nuance. However, they still also get some combined colors as brown, hues, and other as well matched combination. By this structure, they look so sophisticated by exploring the light and dark old elements.

The photos about this house can be taken in this article. The black and white house pictures involve the scenes of exterior and interior. The exterior deals with classic building structure in black and white elements. The building is made in three levels building.

The main element is in black concrete structure and they combined the framing styles in white painting. At the back side, they are designed in combining glass facades for the first level and neutral brick blocks as the second and third floor.

Yeah, it will be great to get look into interior structure. The first floor includes dining table and kitchen area. It is designed in white kitchen counter in two sides with a small dining table with wooden table and wooden chairs. In front of them, there is the living room applying white sofa placement and small coffee tables with green flowers.

The other room that features black and white combination is the bathroom design. They come with white bath up and wall to be mixed with black vanity and lower wall side. The brown combination is applied in decorating the staircases and some furniture applications.

The other designs and details of this house ca are well followed in this article. They come with thee existence of the further pictures as seen bellows. The design and combination of black and white color in this house lead to the kinds of creative home design with black and white house photos as the further inspiring ideas.

Small Wood Floating Staircase Rustic Stone Wall Compact White Kitchen Island In White Themed House Soft LED Light

Rustic Wood Floor Small Glass Shower Cabin Floating Washing Stand Minimalist Bathroom Cabinet In Classic House

Modern Wood Floating Staircase In Classic House Natural Stone Wall Flashy White Kitchen Island Laminate Flooring Wood Wall Panel

Lavish Striped Bed With Tribal Pattern Pillows Shiny Table Lamps On Bedside Tables Wood Floor Ball Pendant Light In Classic House

Innovative Classic House Interior With Rectangular Wood Dining Table And Bench Laminate Flooring Glossy Kitchen Island

Impressive Classic House Sketch With Efficient Living Space Design Plan Including Tidy Furniture Arrangement In Detail

Exotic Artistic Painting On White Painted Wall Stylish Shower Cabin Nice Ornaments On Wall Shelves Above Modern Toilet

Excellent Lavish Classic House Interior In White Theme With Rustic Wood Floor Large Square Glass Window With Clean White Stool

Enchanting Wood Staircase Bright Ceiling Light Wood Floor White Wall Shelves Glass Wall Contemporary White Kitchen Island

Contemporary White Kitchen Island In Classic House Fake Flower Modern Bed Sofa Bright Pendant Lights Rustic Brick Wall

Classic House With Rustic Stone Wall Glass Bay Window Dark Metallic Fence Ornamental Plants Arched Door

Brilliant Modern Architectural Classic House Interior Blueprint Showing Master Bedroom And Bathroom Design Plan In Detail

Bright Open Plan Interior In Classic House Sliding Glass Door White Kitchen Island Rustic Brick Wall Modern Kitchen Corner

Appealing Classic House Facade Design With Artistic Brick Outdoor Wall Sketch On Ground Floor And First Floor

Image By : Bureau de Change Design Office

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