Elegant And Beautiful House Design In Contemporary Interior And Exterior

Surprising Creative Sliding Door Of PH 1 Allowing Kitchen And Dining Space Connected To Cozy Outdoor Sitting With Fireplace

Elegant And Beautiful House Design In Contemporary Interior And Exterior

PH-1 Prefab Home is a beautiful contemporary house renovated by Place Architects. This beautiful contemporary home serves elegant appearance in it, so it gives a sense of comfort for a long time. The display of the fascinating beautiful house with stunning exterior and interior will help you find references about a nice place to stay.

On the exterior of the building of this house using a variety of colors such as brown, light green and dark green color. This extraordinary house also has some parts of the building. The interesting thing in this house that is on the front of the house is equipped with a wonderful green yard. Their outstanding beautiful courtyard make it look natural and elegant. The green pages can also be used as a good playground for children.

On the remarkable terrace of this house, using gray floor tiles. There is also a wooden table set combined with a wooden chair. This makes look so beautiful terrace for a breathtaking home design plan in the exterior and interior.

Now, we will see the captivating interior design. The concept of open space used as a theme for decorating the interior space. This makes the interior space seem so cheerful tones. There is a wonderful dining room that is equipped with this chic table set has plenty of good seats and use a good furniture. In the middle of the table there are beautiful flowers in a simple glass vase.

Sleek Walling And Roofing Of PH 1 Completed With Long Rectangular Windows Coddling The Indoor Space With Refreshing View

Simple Modern Floating Vanity With Double Rectangular White Sinks And Wall Mirrors Above Decorated With Artworks On Wall

Alluring Grey Floor Tiles For PH 1 Pathway Decorated With Greenness And Combined With Perforated Concrete Flooring With Greens

Eclectic Dining Room Space With Wooden Table And Chairs In Various Styles And Colors Completed With Industrial Touch With Exposed Stainless Steel

Creative Idea Of Adding Built In Shelving For Display Completing PH 1 Interior Decor For The Indoor Staircase Zone

Cozy Outdoor Sitting Area Of PH 1 Completed With Simple Wooden Chair With Natural Stone Benches Surrounding Outdoor Fireplace

Contemporary Home Architecture Design In Trapezoid Shaping For PH 1 Completed With Neat And Sleek Wall Siding And Panels

Comfy PH 1 Bedroom With Vintage Cabinets, Simple Bench In Accent Orange And Modern White Bed With Red Throw

Comfortable PH 1 Living, Dining And Kitchen Design In Open Floor Plan Design For Easy Movement And Simple Life Style

Appealing PH 1 Bathroom Design With Grey Tiled Floor Combined With Striped Floor And White And Grey Walling Completed With Nook Window

Amazing PH 1 Contemporary House Exterior Design Combining Green Coloring And Wood Accent For Developing A Complete Refreshing Vibe

A lovely living room with a soft green sofa bed will provide exceptional comfort in the interior of this house. There is also a table and two chairs that decorate the red living rooms. The artistic living room looks so modern with their television screen over the fireplace designed by glass fireplace screen.

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